Michael Mann’s Scary New Sea Level Predictions Identified As Bogus

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Michael Mann’s Scary New Sea Level Predictions Identified As Bogus, Confirms 97% Consensus That He Fibs

Michael Mann has earned an infamous reputation of climate science statistical quackery among the science community, and even the left-wing intelligentsia has doubts about the man – living up to an embarrassing anti-science reputation does take an effort though…Mann is now predicting catastrophic sea level heights that are void of any empirical measurement basis.

Jersey shore sea level increase not accelerating Jersey shore sea level satellite measurement vs michael mann global warming prediction may2013

The decades-long quack global warming catastrophic “science” has proven to be without robust factual merit. The CAGW fear-mongering often takes the form of hysterical, wildly exaggerated predictions about accelerating sea level increases with complete disregard to the known climate empirical evidence.Despite the overwhelming empirical evidence research, Michael Mann has recently gone public with crazed talk of his beloved Jersey Shores being swamped by a mythical, huge sea level increase:He said sea levels could rise six to nine feet by the end of the century. ?We?re not talking the 20 feet that would be necessary to submerge Manhattan. But the Jersey Shore of my youth will not exist if we continue on this course.?”Whoa there chubby white man with the forked-like tongue! Let’s put aside those uncomfortable, real global sea level facts for a minute, and instead, just focus on the actual Jersey Shore sea level facts.The red ‘X’ on the above left image denotes where the current satellite measurements of sea surface height were taken, which were then plotted on the adjacent graph.Indeed, as theĀ  Excel calculated linear trend indicates, since 1992, the sea level at the Jersey Shore region has increased. In fact, it has increased at the unbelievable rate of +0.02 centimeters per month! This means by January 1, 2100 the Jersey Shores will be “swamped” by an increase of…wait for it…a spectacular, humungous, world-ending-as-we-know-it, 8.9 inches!!!Yep, in the world of Mann’s catastrophic AGW fantasies, a continuation of an actual 9-inch sea level trend somehow miraculously turns into a mind-boggling, hysterical 9-foot increase.Honestly, is it any wonder that the 97% well informed consensus thinks Michael Mann likely distorts the truth fibs? Is it any wonder that overall the global warming hysteria doesn’t even show up on the public’s radar of biggest concerns?Previous sea-level and failed-prediction postings. Sea-level and modern-temperature charts.