Ice, Ice, Baby: Ship Rescuing Icebound Global Warming Scientists is Now Stranded Too?In Copious Amounts of (snicker) Polar Ice

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By Kimberly Paxton

To heap a little more irony on top of the last healthy serving of irony, a ship from China has gone to rescue global warming researchers that were trapped in huge amounts of Antarctic ice.

But this whole rescue business really isn?t working out too well for them. They picked up the researchers, however, unfortunately, now they too are stuck?in the ice.

The song, ?Ice, Ice, Baby? keeps running through my head, and I must confess that I really can?t type this with a straight face or present a solemn tone.

Man, that global warming sure is bad this year.

On January 2nd, Melissa Melton reported on the researchers? plight:

Climate scientist and expedition leader Chris Turney, who set out from New Zealand November 28 with a 74-member crew comprised of scientists and media figures to scare people about man-made global warming document climate change at the south pole, got a little less global warming than he bargained for.

For over a week now, Turney and his team have ironically been stuck in Antarctic ice even thicker than normal for this time of year. After repeated attempts to cut through the ice with special ships, a helicopter finally had to be dispatched to airlift the people aboard out of the frozen sea.

The air rescue follows three different attempts using icebreakers to save the climate change scientists, media members and tourists on board who have been frozen in place in the heavy sea ice since Christmas Eve. All three of those attempts failed due to weather conditions and the apparent severity of the ice. (source)

The stranded icebreaker ship is called the Xue-Long, which is Chinese for Snow Dragon. The ship did not move for a day as 51 people were rescued from the original stranded ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, by helicopter.  Unfortunately, (particularly for their agenda), the rescue ship has now become also become wedged in the copious Antarctic ice and is unable to move.


?It will attempt to manoeuvre through the ice when tidal conditions are most suitable, during the early hours of 4 January 2014,? said a statement from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, AMSA. (source)

This latest attempt to ?prove? global warming really doesn?t seem to be working too well. If it weren?t for the fact that they are there to ?prove? that the ice cap is melting, the seals are dying, and the polar bears are drifting off and dying on teeny pieces of ice, the situation wouldn?t be nearly as humorous.

It follows the highest level ever recorded of Antartic sea ice in September of last year, the coldest temperature ever recorded on the planet last December, and freakish winter storms that coated Egypt with snow for the first white Christmas there, well, ever. Winter Storm Dion was responsible for record low temperatures across the United States just a few weeks ago, and the East Coast is currently dealing with frigid conditions again.

Gosh, this really isn?t going to help those Agenda 21 folks, is it?  Those carbon emissions and greenhouse gases may not need to be taxed and limited after all.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the global warming flag-wavers spin this latest embarrassment in the propaganda war for control.