Hitler Youth in Denmark – again

By Christopher Monckton in Copenhagen

A thoughtful, quietly-spoken German was almost in tears.

?I never thought I would see this in my lifetime,? he said, sadness and anger competing on his face. ?The last time young people politicized and indoctrinated by the State broke up a meeting of their opponents here in Copenhagen by chanting mindless, repetitive slogans was during the Nazi occupation of Denmark during the Second World War.?

Americans for Prosperity had booked a meeting-room in a canal-side hotel, with a live satellite link-up to well-attended chapter meetings all over the United States. As their President was speaking, the Hitler-Jugend, part of a very large, lavishly-funded delegation of jack-trainered, eco-Fascist goons probably paid for by taxpayers somewhere, leapt up to the podium and began a zombie-like, keening chant.

I used the old crowd-control trick of standing behind the Hitler Youth and talking quietly. The microphones were right where I wanted them, so I began reporting on that day?s progress in negotiating the world-government agreement that, if it is passed at Copenhagen, will shut down the economies and democracies of the West without affecting the climate in any measurable way.

One of the Fascists, distracted as I had intended, began trying to offer a commentary on what I was saying. Using my elbow, I kept her away from the microphones and continued talking. Eventually, the squad marched out of the room and rapidly dispersed before the police could round them up.

Another German in the audience said this was the saddest day of his life. He, too, had hoped that mindless, compulsory agreement with the State and disruption of discussions by anyone who disagreed had been swept away from Europe forever at the end of the Second World War.

Both of our distinguished German colleagues left the meeting with their heads bowed low and their shoulders stooped. Their distress and concern for the future of Europe and the world was evident.

We went out into the night, where on every public building and in every city square there are lurid green banners and vast, costly, wasteful, electricity-guzzling displays, accompanied by the hilariously improbable slogans that are the hallmark of totalitarianism everywhere ? for instance, the mawkishly messianic ?Brad Pitt Saves The Planet?.

As a token gesture towards those of us who dislike State-funded propaganda that is also wasteful and prodigiously carbon-emitting, in one of Copenhagen?s squares a giant Christmas tree covered in white lights (colored Christmas decorations are regarded as vulgar in Denmark) is surrounded by a couple of dozen fixed bicycles attached to generators, so that the eco-Fascists can feel good about the environment as they pedal like mad to keep the Christmas-tree lights on.

Alas, this display, too, is mere propaganda. Walking past the tree late at night, we saw not a single eco-zomb pedaling to keep the lights on, but they were burning brightly anyway. The Copenhagen Christmas tree is a monument to the dishonesty of the entire ?global warming? fraud.

A Danish lady who had been in the audience at the meeting broken up by the Nazi thugs said that her father had told her that such displays had been a feature of Copenhagen during the German occupation. She, too, was shaken and saddened by the Hitler-Jugend?s attempted disruption of what we had all hoped was now the unchallengeable right of free speech.

The next morning, in the Conference Centre, I was accosted by a couple of dozen of the Sturmabteilung and Schutz Staffel wannabes, bleating about how upset they were that my comments about their Hitlerian, Fascist tactics had been broadcast right round the world.

One of them said, ?I am a Jew. How could you accuse me of being a member of the Hitler Youth?? I said, ?If you behave like the Hitler Youth than I will call it as I see it. And if you ever break up someone else?s meeting again and trample on other people?s freedom of speech, I will say it again.?

In fact, even those brave dissidents who have not yet had their meetings broken up by groups of savage goons are more and more openly saying that the nastiness that was National Socialism/Fascism/Communism now stalks the world again, in a new and more terrible form. This time, it is global. This time, leaders of once-democratic nations subscribe to its half-baked, unscientific notions and are themselves increasingly intolerant of anyone who dares to dissent.

The intolerance, of course, stems from the realization on the part of those behind the ?global warming? scam that it is entirely false. It is always liars who have to shout loudest in the hope of temporarily prevailing over the truth.

James Hansen, a fully-paid-up member of the new regime, has notoriously called for anyone who disagrees with the new superstition to be put on trial for ?high crimes against humanity?. Now, crimes against humanity are punishable by death, as Saddam Hussein discoveredt. So what Hansen is asking for is the judicial murder of those of his fellow-citizens who disagree with him ? one of the unfailing hallmarks of Nazism and Fascism everywhere.

And here?s the thing. Hansen is a paid public servant. He works at NASA. And has NASA?s administrator dismissed him? No. And why not? Because NASA is making a fortune out of the current US Administration, which has retasked it as a climate change monitoring agency and vastly increased its budget. In short, NASA ? like taxpayer-funded agencies throughout the world ? has been bought, and easily bought.

Another of the repellent tricks of Nazism and Fascism is to poke fun at the physical disabilities of one?s opponents. The Guardian, the British equivalent of Der Sturmer, the in-house journal of Hitler?s Sturmabteilung, has been running a rather childish hate-campaign against me for three years, ever since I successfully compelled it to publish a stinging letter of rebuke for its hapless environment correspondent, George Monbiot.

Monbiot, a fourteenth-rate zoologist who knows nothing of climate science, had attacked me in a characteristically vicious, ignorant 1800-word rant for having failed to understand the fundamental equation of radiative transfer, of which he had never even heard until he read about it in a major article I had published in the London Sunday Telegraph. He may be forgiven for not understanding it: the UN?s climate panel does not understand it either, and is very careful not even to mention it once in the 1000 pages of its 2001 climate assessment report or in the 1500 pages of the 2007 report.

This week Monbiot decided to have yet another go at me, and ? like the Fascist he is ? he decided that he would have some fun at the expense of my own disability, Graves? Disease, which causes the eyes to protrude markedly. He took pleasure in repeating another hack?s description of me as ?swivel-eyed?. Heil Hitler, George.

How do we stop the march of this neo-Fascist movement, with its crude denigration of opponents, breaking-up of meetings, taxpayer-funded propaganda at every street corner, and vast, expensive Nuremberg Rallies such as that which is now taking place at the Bella Centre?

Simple. We call it what it is, and we continue to speak freely and fearlessly, whether they like it or not, until they actually get to the point of putting us on trial for ?high crimes against humanity?. We will not, repeat not, repeat not, be silenced.