Global Warming Psychology – A View

Guest Post by Greg Fegel

Psychology is a science which is particularly vulnerable to biases, to quack ideas that run amok, and to cynical manipulation by vested interests.

In the “cynical manipulation by vested interests” department, look at the role that Freud’s brother-in-law Edward Bernays played in using propaganda and mass psychology to indocrinate the public into accepting various products and ideas.

I like the “AGW Left Exhume Joseph Goebbels” article, except that I disagree that the AGW hoax is solely a ‘leftist’ agenda. [Title changed to AGW Activists…]

I believe that the top-level proponents of AGW (including the faux- liberals Gore, Clinton, Obama, and Bill Gates) are mainly wealthy tycoons who have created the AGW scam to preserve their own power and wealth, just like they did with the ‘banker bailout’.

The corporate elitists are using AGW as a marketing tool to persuade the lefty-green demographic to approve of the corporate agenda. The leftist- greenie rank-and-file has been hooked and are being led around by the nose by the very corporate elitists that they oppose.

This isn’t something new — the corporatists also have many Americans convinced that it is ‘patriotic’ to fight in wars of aggression that benefit only the corporations.

If AGW was truly the threat that the US government says it is, they would have stopped the wars and brought the troops home a long time ago.

AGW is like the arms industry — a cash cow for the wealthy elitists.