Follow the money: BBC exposed in biggest climate racket on planet

Source:  Climategate

The world is learning fast that climate pseudo-science is fraught with fraud. The best way to go to the heart of any moneymaking scam is to follow the money. Let’s go on a journey from the toilet of the United Nations to the BBC’s top floor.

For non-British readers the BBC extorts an annual compulsory license fee of £142.50 (US $200) per household via government legislation for the privilege of owning a television.

The BBC Pension Trust is worth about £8 billion while its mainstream operations are struggling to reverse an estimated £2 billion deficit as reported on last weekend by James Delingpole of the ‘Telegraph.’

The BBC’s handsome pension pot is invested in the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) alongside another 50 plus member funds. The total assets of this consortium is around €4 trillion (Euros), that in turn are invested in a larger consortium known as ‘UNEP FI’ worth about $15 trillion (US).

UNEP FI is fast becoming seriously embarrassed with its strong ties to the now discredited Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that lurches from one climate data fraud scandal to another. Nonetheless, the UNEP FI puts on a smug face and gleefully describes itself as, “a global partnership between UNEP and the financial sector. Over 180 institutions, including banks, insurers and fund managers, work with UNEP to understand the impacts of environmental and social considerations on financial performance.”

The UNEP FI Insurance Working Group boasts of its “ground-breaking report” on its website that I well recommend reading. These swindlers advise that there is a “complex relationship” between environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, core insurance operations, and the insurance industry. Yes, and it has become so much more complex since climate scientists destroyed their fudged data and refused to obey lawful freedom of information requests for over seven years.

Despite the string of calamities that have befallen the UN since the Climategate scandal first broke last November, the UNEP FI consortium is feverishly demanding that governments impose higher fuel duties and caps on carbon emissions that will encourage scarcity and demand. Thus this profit-chasing unholy alliance of conspirators will still be able to cream off some of the loot for their green pension scams. The losers in the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time are western taxpayers and Third World poor who will likely suffer starvation and disease due to the increased costs of food and essential medicines.

The chairman of IIGCC and BBC head of pensions investment Peter Dunscombe said:

“The credibility of emissions trading schemes would be greatly improved with a robust price signal as well as clear and frequent communication from the regulator on trading data and improved transparency over direct government participation in schemes.”

Yes, you did read that correctly: “IIGCC chairman and BBC head of pensions investment Peter Dunscombe…”

The BBC is in the chair of this carbon trading driven investment scheme. Now you know why the BBC’s thought police have been censoring climate skeptics shamelessly for years.

UKIP’s Member of the European Parliament, Godfrey Bloom was vilified by the warmist press for refusing to back down from his attack on the BBC in the UK’s fine Daily Telegraph, in which he said:

“The BBC has blocked skeptics of climate change for four years now, no debate is allowed on the BBC. It is biased reporting and it is censorship.”

Speaking to Left Foot Forward, Mr Bloom continued:

“I absolutely stand by what I said. This is one of the most important subjects since the war. The whole thing has been a complete farce and a cover-up. Name me one instance of an informed debate on the subject?”

But Godfrey Bloom is now being entirely vindicated as we see that the BBC has been shamelessly plugging its own profiteering agenda and ignoring any dissent even when it involves news stories of great interest to its viewers and listeners. And all for the so-greater good of that ‘Low-Carbon Economy.’ The statement reads:

“it is imperative that efforts advance this year to negotiate and conclude a legally binding agreement with ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.”

The BBC’s Peter Dunscombe, as Chair of the IIGCC, endorses (he may have even written) that in his pension trust’s policy statements that:

“Without government actions, however, private-sector investment will not reach the scale required to address climate change effectively.”

You got that? Climate change has to be addressed “effectively,” i.e. effective for his pension pot. With a shameful hidden agenda like that its no wonder viewers are abandoning television and coming to the internet for impartial news reporting. This self-serving hypocrite baloney goes further:

“….we remain firmly convinced that climate change presents both material risks and significant opportunities for investment portfolios…”

The ‘risks” it seems are wholly upon gullible taxpayers, the incentives for BBC newsreaders, environment correspondents, journalists, planners, schedulers, documentary program makers, etc. is enormous. No wonder the BBC produces the best environmental television in the world–a BBC employee would think: ‘investment portfolios!’

Meanwhile, something for all our readers in North America: a story waiting to be written concerning that other vast consortium in the U.S. known as the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR). INCR has over 80 members and $8 trillion in assets across its network of North American private funds and very much tied up with UNEP FI. So for anyone wondering why the American mainstream media has done diddly to report on the great climate swindle, I’m betting it’s something to do with INCR.

For U.S. readers looking to know more about what INCR is doing you may contact:

Mindy Lubber at

For European readers would like to know more about the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) we suggest you contact:

Stephanie Pfeifer at

Those British organizations tied into IIGCC who may have a conflict of interest when they communicate with you include the following:

    Baptist Union of Great Britain
    Bedfordshire Pension Fund
    BT Pension Scheme
    Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church
    Corporation of London Pension Fund
    Environment Agency Pension Fund
    Greater Manchester Pension Fund
    Kent County Council
    London Borough of Hounslow Pension Fund
    London Borough of Islington Pension Fund
    London Borough of Newham Pension Fund
    London Pensions Fund Authority
    Merseyside Pension Fund
    Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth
    Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford
    South Yorkshire Pensions Authority
    The Church Commissioners for England
    The Church in Wales
    The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth
    United Reform Church
    Universities Superannuation Scheme
    West Midlands Metropolitan Authorities Pension Fund
    West Yorkshire Pension Fund

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