Follow the money

Source:  SPPI

Click here: Cancun climate summit: Pachauri asks Mexico to be realistic – Yahoo! India News

New Delhi, Aug 19 (PTI) With hopes of a consensus eluding the Cancun climate meet, IPCC chairman R K Pachauri has urged host Mexico to be realistic and work hard in pushing rich nations to put climate funds on the table. “There will be least expectations (of a consensus) this time (at Cancun).

I doubt if you will get anything close to a global agreement. It is not possible particularly considering the situation in some countries,” Pachauri said, apparently referring to delay of passage of US climate law.

” Highlighting the need for an action on climate money, he told the host country “for heaven”s sake please get the commitment on funding.

“So I think Mexico will have to work on some of these countries to see that they (developed nations) really put some money on the table,” he said, noting that of the USD 30 billion agreed by the developed states between 2010-2012, no funds have been made available so far.