Extreme Climate Events Since 1970: Data Reveals That Most U.S. Hurricanes Less Severe

Source:  C3 Headlines

Read here. Many climate alarmists have a preference to claim 1970 as the year that the global climate started to change, from one of supposed benign characteristics to the period of severe and extreme weather events that they say now exists. But is it really true that we are experiencing more extreme weather events, or is it just the typical exaggerated climate hype and lies similar to those found in Al Gore’s movie? Are the alarmist predictions wrong?

Well, when the actual data of severe weather events since 1970 is analyzed, the data is not often very kind to climate alarmists. For example, when reviewing the most severe hurricanes (as measured by low atmospheric pressure) that have struck the U.S. mainland, the last 4 decades have only produced 3 of the top 10 in terms of severity – not what one would expect based on all the alarmist and MSM hyperbole that global warming will cause massive catastrophic weather events, more frequently.

The 2010 hurricane season is still relatively young, which means the U.S. is still vulnerable to an extreme low pressure storm. Despite what could happen, the fact remains that extreme hurricane events since 1970 are not out of the ordinary.

Most extreme U.S. hurricane? 1935 ‘Labor day’ hurricane per its low pressure characteristic.

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