Experts Find Deep Arctic Water Temps Fall By 1 Deg. – Bizzarro Theory That “Global Warming Hides” In Deeper Waters Not So Hot

Source:  C3 Headlines

Read here. Global warming scientists and alarmists are always trying to rationalize why the catastrophic AGW hypothesis is in continuous fail mode, and why the globe is cooling and not warming as they predicted. Besides the infamously lame “aerosols overwhelm CO2” excuse that is trotted out every few years by elite losers, the other favorite excuse is that global warming actually goes and hides in the deep ocean basins, where no one can ever seem to find it.

The “warming is hiding” hypothesis is also fairly lame as the latest evidence reveals, which is not a surprise since only greens/lefties/liberals believe it.

Data from Catlin Arctic Survey 2011, collected during an eight-week expedition from March to May, indicates the temperature of Arctic seawater below 200 metres depth has decreased by a ?surprising? one degree Celsius in comparison with previous observations…?What was most surprising was the degree of change; even the most incremental differences in ocean temperatures matter. To put this temperature change in context, global sea temperatures rose by only 0.25 of a degree Celsius in the last 30 to 40 years but this was enough for the IPCC?s Fourth Assessment Report to state the oceans are warming.?”