Climate Scandals

Source:  No Tricks Zone

Here?s a list with links of many of the scandals we?ve seen in climate science.
As of June 5, 2010

1. Acceleration-gate
Claims that sea level rise is accelerating are shown to be misleading.
2. Africa-gate
IPCC wrongly claims that in some African countries yields from rain-fed agriculture could be
reduced by up to 50 percent by 2020.
3. AIT-gate and British High Court
35 errors or gross exaggerations are found in Al Gore?s Oscar winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth.
4. Amazon-gate
IPCC cites ?robust? source: green activist organisation WWF.
5. Antarctic sea-gate#
Antarctic sea ice underestimated by 50%.
6. Bangladesh-gate
IPCC overblows Bangladesh doomsday forecasts in 2007 4AR.
7. Boot-cleaning manual-gate
IPCC 4AR cites boot cleaning instructions of an Antarctica tour operator.
8. BP funds Greenpeace-gate
Follow the money. BP funds Big Green.
9. China-gate and here
Chinese weather stations were seriously flawed, or could not be located.
10. Climate Camp-gate
Leading activists fly 12,000 miles to attend a conference.

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