Climate of Freedom: Press Release

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Climate of Freedom – Be a part of the only change that truly needs to happen.

Climate change has been one of the most controversial topics over the last two decades.  Al Gore?s An Inconvenient Truth told us that we were destroying our world with catastrophic manmade climate change.  The documentary set records and won awards, including a Nobel Prize for Gore.  Since the film?s production, Gore has continued his mantra of doom. 

Yet, in spite of all the noise, there still hasn’t been any global warming.  Could there be an ulterior motive for the incessant cries that the world as we know it will quite literally burn up?  What if someone were to embark upon a Pilgrimage of Truth Against the Profiteers of Doom?

Climate of Freedom is an upcoming feature length documentary film set for theatrical release in September 2015.  Starring world renowned Climate Change expert Lord Christopher Monckton, the film sheds light on the intentions of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and shows how they plan to use false science and fear mongering to create a de facto world government.  Lord Monckton will combine interviews with top scientific experts, with humor, facts, and a bit of fun to show the truth about Global Warming and the UN?s desire to subjugate the West to its tyranny.

Director James Lea and Lord Monckton took it upon themselves to share this side of the story with the world, hoping to share the truth with as many people as possible.  You can partner with Lord Monckton and Lea by supporting the Indiegogo campaign that will go on to fund the film?s production. Be a part of the only change that truly needs to happen: the awareness on what’s really going on – on all the things that you don’t really see because they are hidden behind-the-scenes, lost in a sea of bureaucracy and misleading information.  Join Lord Monckton on his Pilgrimage of Truth Against the Profiteers of Doom.

Those who stand with Monckton against tyranny will be eligible for perks such as thank you?s, removable bumper stickers, customized Facebook covers, Climate of Freedom booklets, one?s name in the movie?s credits, and much more.

Lord Monckton?s team realizes that not everyone may be able to contribute financially, so they encourage those who cannot commit funds to the Climate of Freedom campaign to help spread the word about the project through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.  Recording a video challenge for Vine, Facebook, and Instagram to invite friends to partner with Lord Monckton and his team is another great idea.  Wherever and however you spread the word, remember to use the hashtags #AlGoreLies and #ClimateFreedom in all your posts.

Contributions of all amounts are welcome!

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