Climate Left Watch: Al Gore Still Raking in the Ca$h

Source:  Dennis Ambler



The Vancouver Observer seems to out-Guardian the Guardian…..

“The author, Amy Huva, is an environmental chemist and writer from Melbourne, Australia who worked for the Australian Federal Government on agricultural water reform and the Montreal Protocol.”

Al Gore’s Climate Leadership Training kept me riveted and inspired | The Vancouver Observer

“Al Gore knows how to tell stories amazingly well. He had over 1,000 people paying attention to him for the entire day.”

“He told us how it?s important to have the ?earth rise? images at the beginning and the end of the presentation because we have to help people get out of their everyday details mindset.”

“Gore also told us about how it?s important to use memorable images to help the facts stick in our minds ? like the iconic ?bushfire koala? picture from Australia in 2009…..”

“He had us all in tears talking about how we have to come to terms with potentially losing the things we love about this planet ? and how that kind of loss can be so overwhelming that it will take time to process.”

In a related article she tells us that:

Mario Molina, (chemist, Nobel Laureate, Clean Air Institute), the director of the Climate Leadership Corps, took the stage and wanted to measure how excited we were by getting cheers from the audience.”

Molina is famous for his work on CFC’s, which was instrumental in initiating the Montreal Protocol. As well as this Chicago event, he was recently in Turkey for Al Gore and his Climate Reality project.

This piece was written pre-Copenhagen and funded by, amongst others, the UK government, WWF and Unilever. (It bears the imprint of Forum for the Future, co-founded by Jonathan Porritt, advisor to Prince Charles and former advisor to Tony Blair).

“Mexico can lead the developing world towards a new deal on climate change. So says Dr Mario Molina, the Nobel prize-winning scientist who now advises both the Mexican and the US presidents.”

He is a member of WWF-México?s Senior Advisory Council and was a member of the IAC Panel, charged with assessing the IPCC. He also just happened to be a review editor for IPCC AR4 WG1 ch 7, a drafting author for AR4 WG1 Summary for Policy Makers and a Lead Author of the Technical Summary.

(As an aside, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UNFCCC, was also trained by Al Gore to deliver his “Inconvenient Truth”.)