Carbon offset scam

Source:  SPPI Blog

by Dennis Ambler

Carbon Offset Schemes: How it Works

“By purchasing a £2 Carbon Lottery ticket you become part of a carbon offset scheme, where you’ll offset 100 kilograms of your carbon footprint, reduce global emissions and stand a chance to win millions of Euros in mega jackpot prizes!

Every time you buy a Carbon Lottery ticket, an offset has been purchased to cover the portion of a tonne of Carbon Dioxide Reduction that the ticket represents.  In this way every ticket you purchase helps to reduce global warming.

The Carbon Lottery is an approved Online Lottery regulated in Malta, audited and overseen by KPMG, offering you the chance to be a part of carbon offset schemes that help offset your carbon emissions and to win large jackpot prizes. It is the first Green Lottery of its kind in the world.

The more you play, the more you help us reduce global warming and the greater your chances of winning.

We reduce Global Warming by offsetting Carbon Emissions in a number of Projects around the world.

The Voluntary Offset fund is a fund which buys Carbon Offsets from a variety of carbon offset schemes worldwide and retires them on behalf of you the ticket purchaser who wishes to offset your carbon footprint.

The Voluntary Offset Fund is managed by Sterling Waterford, a pre-eminent player in the Carbon Emissions investment market and audited by Ernst and Young. Sterling Waterford has a rigorous process for evaluation of project offsets and only purchases those offsets that can be shown to be reliable, additional, verifiable and permanent.”

What a bunch of crooks.