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 Department of Meteorology and Climate Science San José State University

Department of Meteorology and Climate Science
San José State University

Again, one picture worth a thousand words.

Here is book being burned:

The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism is the first book on climate change that is fun to read. Using figures, cartoons, and whimsical sidebars, Steve Goreham describes our crazy world, which is far down the primrose path of global warming fantasy. Contrary to popular consensus, global warming is natural and cars are innocent. But this book is not short on science. Goreham uses charts, graphs, and references to dozens of scientific papers to support his arguments. He shows that icecap melting, stronger storms, polar bear extinction, and many other climate fears are unfounded. At the same time, his large collection of zany pictures and quotes grabs the reader’s interest. Learn the real story about climate change.


The photo and caption has been removed – gone from the web page.

But is is permanently archived here:

Also, its time to again read:


Book Review on Amazon

Different century, same mindset

Different century, same mindset

“Goreham, the antidote for Gore!” —Doug Giles, Syndicated Radio Host“It’s all here. Replete with great graphics and much humor, Steve Goreham reveals the mountain of failed eco-predictions, rank green hypocrisies and outright fraud that currently masquerades in the guise of modern environmentalism and ‘climate science’… The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism is an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand expose of all the key facts behind the dirty ‘green’ politics of the greatest pseudo-science racket of our age.” —Peter Glover, author, journalist, and International Associate Editor, Energy Tribune“This is the first book written to make you laugh at the absurdity of man-made global warming—that is, until it makes you cry. If 250 pages of facts are too much, you can simply read the amusing cartoons and quotes on every page to fully understand how the world has been misled.” —Jay Lehr, PhD, Science Director, The Heartland Institute“I am extremely impressed with this work, easily the best of its kind I have ever read… an authoritative, well-referenced, but easy-to-understand summary of the climate scare and its dire implications for society and the environment.” —Tom Harris, Executive Director, International Climate Science Coalition“Interesting, accurate, compellingly readable, and directly relevant to one of today’s most important political debates. What more needs to be said beyond, ‘Buy this fascinating book!'” —Robert Carter, Australian Marine Geologist and Environmental Scientist“Steve’s new book is exactly what I hoped would be published. It makes climate science understandable to everyone. Finally, some common sense, presented in a way to inform, not to deceive.” —Burt Rutan, Aerospace Engineer, Innovator, Entrepreneur“Steve Goreham’s insightful and readable analysis of the ideology of Climatism and its socialistic goals is an important addition to public understanding of both the facts and the critical importance of making the right decisions for America.” —Harrison H. Schmitt, PhD, Geologist, former Senator and Apollo 17 Astronaut“Goreham’s book is an excellent, readable, comprehensive, and indispensable education for everyone. It should be required reading in all schools, universities, statehouses and Congress.” —Edwin Berry, PhD, Physicist and Meteorologist“Steve Goreham has provided the science, the motivations, and the examples of deceit that surround the man-made warming hypothesis. He leaves no excuse for the public and the policy makers to prolong the misguided effort to spend trillions of dollars trying to reduce the insignificant effect of CO2 on global climate change.” —Leighton Steward, Geologist, Author, and Environmentalist

About the Author

Steve Goreham is executive director of the Climate Science Coalition of America, a speaker and author on environmental issues, a former engineer and business executive, and a father of three. The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism is his second book. He holds an MS in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Reader Note:

Here is the book:

Here is my response to a Professor C. Kennedy’s attack on Steve:

“I stopped reading C. Kennedy’s review when I read the following:

“HI is supported by unnamed donors and (among other pursuits) uses pseudoscience to question the broad, mainstream scientific consensus on topics ranging from the harmful nature of second-hand smoke to climate change. (Of course, the fact that previously-identified donors include Phillip Morris and Exxon has no bearing on their “scientific” positions!!!!)”

This is stupid, Professor Kennedy. Even if Goreham was funded by such sources (he is not), your bringing this up is a logical fallacy you should be ashamed of as a teacher of young minds. Nature cares not one whit about who funds whom. It just does what it does and it is your job to try to figure it out without resorting to stupid attacks on the messenger with whom you disagree. Shame.”

Tom Harris, B. Eng., M. Eng. (Mech.)
Executive Director,
International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)
P.O. Box 23013
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 4E2


Update 5-7-13

From: Alison Bridger []

Thank you for sharing your concerns. The Department of Meteorology and Climate Science has removed the material in question from its website, and regrets what was clearly an ill-conceived attempt at satire. Please be assured the university does not condone book burning for any reason.

Alison F.C. Bridger

Professor & Chair
Department of Meteorology and Climate Science
San Jose State University      tel  408.924.5206

One Washington Square          fax  408.924.5191

San Jose, CA 95192-0104

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