Bob Carter wins the cartoon war :-) A very sweet win.

Source:  Joanne Nova

Thank you DeSmog! Without FakeGate we would not have had this cartoon. (Readership est 850,000)

Cartoon by John Spooner. The Age.

On Wednesday I mentioned the Carter/Flannery disparity in wages:

And if Bob Carter receives an honorarium type amount of $1500 a month, the pull of those big dollars must be powerfully tempting for people like Tim Flannery who struggle along on about $1200 each day he works.

On Saturday :D after he scores flack in other articles, satire restores the balance in favour of Bob Carter. (Now was that in The SMH too?)

Message to DeSmog and that faker? whatever credibility you had?

A comment from Bulldust after my last post on this:
Jo, I am almost ashamed of you ? you know full well Flannery has far more sources of income than that pitiful $1,200 a day ? heck that would barely keep him in champagne and caviar. ? February 16, 2012 at 6:56 am

(Bulldust, forgive me! I have at least blogged about the Panasonic-Flannery connection: Cheap Influence in National Politics: How Panasonic buy time on our public broadcaster. But thanks for those links.)