Ban Ki Moon: “We Need Global Governance”

Source:  Climate Sceptics

Ban Ki Moon promises to fundamentally transform the global economy to solve climate change

Fundamental transformation?  In 2008, candidate Obama promised to ?fundamentally transform? America which has resulted in skyrocketing debt and sustained joblessness. We surely do not want that on a global scale!

Yet, that is exactly what U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon called for on Tuesday in Cancun, Mexico, at the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, Conference of the Parties.

?We need to fundamentally transform the global economy – based on low-carbon, clean energy resources.?

In Cancun they claimed that climate change is ?an economic and social crisis, a political crisisa food and energy crisis, and an ecological crisis.?

They called for justice: ?climate justiceecological justiceeconomic justicegender justice and historical justice [meaning that they are victims of climate change caused by rich nations].?

They concluded their Marxist diatribe chanting, ?Let?s globalise the struggle! Let?s globalise hope!?

Earlier, a global warming scientist said rationing and 20 years of zero economic growth were necessary to stem the affects of climate change.