Aussie Skeptic Attacks Climate Data Fraud

Source: Climate Change Fraud

by John O’Sullivan

Two Dead Elephants in  Parliament.

Climate skeptic, Malcolm Roberts, mounts a lucid rebuttal of the man-made global warming theory in his publication, ‘Two Dead Elephants in Parliament.’

Among others, Roberts exposes two fatal flaws in the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) greenhouse gas theory. Firstly, the IPCC incorrectly relies on the analogy that the Earth’s atmosphere acts like a giant greenhouse, which it doesn’t.

Secondly, Roberts then points out that by their own admission, the IPCC admits to ‘low’ or ‘very low’ understanding of 80% of all factors impacting climate.

Glass Greenhouse is Not Analogous to Earth’s Atmosphere

The evidence provided by Malcolm Roberts appears even more credible in light of the alleged data fraud controversy made public since the Climategate scandal of November 2009.

Two Dead Elephants in Parliament’ cogently refutes the greenhouse analogy because it improperly envisions the Earth as having a glass barrier acting like a greenhouse. But in truth, this is a bogus comparison because the properties of glass prohibit convection: the greatest remover of heat from the Earth’s surface.

By reference to the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, skeptics argue that the Earth’s actual heat transfer occurs not just by radiation alone, a minor player, but also by conduction (contact) and convection (fluid movement). The atmosphere gives off excess heat mainly by conduction and convection because:

  • the Sun radiates light
  • that heats the Earth
  • the Earth’s surface warms air molecules by contact
  • this warm air is less dense and rises, causing convection currents which cool the surface
  • Earth and air together radiate heat to space
  • At night, without incoming solar radiation, Earth and air cools

Thus, excess heat energy is transported into space. This common sense truth controverts the established wisdom of the IPCC and supports the argument that there has been data fraud.

The IPCC’s Woeful Levels of Climate Understanding

Roberts draws our attention to the IPCC’s Table 2.11 (2007). This depicts 16 climate factors that the UN IPCC claims drive radiative forcing. The table reveals that the IPCC has only understanding of carbon dioxide plus a moderate level of understanding of 2 other factors. It then admits to an alarming ‘low’ or ‘very low’ level of understanding of an astonishing 13 of the 16 other possible drivers of climate.

Thus, skeptics argue, with the IPCC having looked nowhere else to increase their understanding, the politicized IPCC appears to have focused on the pre-determined ‘villain’- human emissions of fossil fuels.

No Measured Data Supports Warming Theory

To substantiate his case Roberts refers to the fact that the IPCC has found no specific scientifically measured real-world evidence of any causal relationship between human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and Earth’s latest modest cyclic warming.

Instead the UN IPCC relies on flawed computer models that are contradicted by real-world temperature measurements of the troposphere. In their Third Report the IPCC claimed that as CO2 levels increased then global temperatures would increase. However, since 1998, despite unending rises in atmospheric CO2 global temperatures have fallen.

Atmospheric Temperatures Support Skepticism

To further embarrass the IPCC and other environmental advocates Roberts asks readers to examine actual tropospheric measurements.There is, in fact, a growing divergence between the untampered and accurate measurements of tropospheric temperature and the ‘fudged’ ground stations data now discredited since the Climategate scandal.

‘Two Dead Elephants in Parliament’ cites weather balloon (radiosonde) and satellite temperature measurements of the troposphere that together prove no net global warming since 1958. Roberts is supported in his argument that the ground temperature data should be discarded as flawed or fraudulent data per the findings of leaked emails of key IPCC climatologists from Climategate scandal.

Climategate Revelations Undermine Public Confidence

Environmentalists and leaders of some the world’s wealthiest nations championed the greenhouse gas theory as a promising vehicle for cap and trade green taxes. Disillusionment in the greenhouse gas theory is increasing among other scientists and in public opinion polls also appears to be related to the growing number of embarrassing revelations undermining the credibility of the IPCC for using dubious non-peer reviewed findings.

Moreover, as the IPCC admits to ‘low’ and ‘very low’ levels of understanding of the climate, skeptics have attacked the IPCC’s conclusions for over reliance on flawed computer modeling data.

Roberts has provided skeptics with a robust rebuttal to the accepted view that mankind is set to cause catastrophic global warming unless greenhouse gas emissions are drastically reduced.

Roberts, J. ‘Two Dead Elephants in Parliament’ (March 10, 2010); Science and Public Policy Institute