America’s Morning News

Source: Courtesy of the Washington Times


In case you didn’t tune into The Washington Times’ nationally syndicated radio show “America’s Morning News” – heard in Washington on WTNT-AM 570 and coast-to-coast via the Talk Radio Network – here’s what three of Wednesday’s guests told co-hosts Melanie Morgan and John McCaslin:

– Christopher Monckton, a key global-warming skeptic and chief policy adviser for the Science and Public Policy Institute: Speaking from Copenhagen, site of the U.N. conference on climate change, Mr. Monckton has held his own “counterconference” with a contingent of 60 scientists and climatologists.

During Wednesday’s broadcast, he listened to a recording of former Vice President Al Gore reciting a doomsday poem he’d written. Without missing a beat, Mr. Monckton improvised a limerick mocking Mr. Gore’s dire climate-change predictions.