Al Gore’s “Hair on Fire” over Global Warming, Boycotting DNC

Source:  Climate Depot

by Marc Morano


Report: Al Gore boycotting Dem Convention because of eco-clash with Obama — ‘Disappointed Obama hasn’t pushed harder for cap-and-trade’

The Daily: ‘Gore’s been missing in action. It’s not just the convention. Gore hasn’t made any speeches for Obama, or campaign appearances, or fundraising solicitations … nothing’

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One of five Obama quotes that you may not hear in his speech tonight: ‘As we speak…cars in Boston and factories in Beijing are melting the ice caps in the Arctic…’‘…shrinking coastlines in the Atlantic and bringing drought to farms from Kansas to Kenya’ — ‘Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket’ — ‘We can’t drive our SUVs and, you know, eat as much as we want and keep our homes on, you know, 72 degrees at all times…and then just expect every other country is going to say OK’

Climate change so serious Democrats mention it once in over 80 speeches over two days at convention — ‘Though the 2012 Democratic Party platform declares that the ?national security threat from climate change is real, urgent, and severe,? it is apparently not urgent and severe enough to merit mention by speakers at the Convention during the past two days’

Warmists in desperation: ‘Obama, in tonight’s address, has a chance to show climate change is not a ‘joke’ — Warmists’ ‘have come to realize that climate has become a taboo political subject, one almost guaranteed to be political suicide this year’

Warmist Brad Johnson: ‘Pathetic to see how the Dem platform has retreated from the climate threat’

Dems platform: ‘Affirms the Science Of Climate Change,’ Rebukes Those ‘So Far To The Right’ They Doubt It — Democratic platform: ‘Our opponents have moved so far to the right as to doubt the science of climate change, advocate the selling of our federal lands, and threaten to roll back environmental protections that safeguard public health’

Obama under fire on climate: ‘Large group of Democratic donors threatening to withhold money from Obama’s campaign unless he breaks his silence on climate change’ — ‘We’ve been working on behalf of a network of about 100 political donors who maxed out to the Obama campaign in 2008, and only about 25% have maxed out this election cycle. The whole focus has been on elevating the climate issue. We do feel that it’s imperative that the president respond to Mitt Romney’s mocking and that he do so forcefully with a clear statement’

Day one of the DNC: ‘None of the major speakers made even a passing reference to climate change or other green issues’; ‘Nobody’s talking about the environment because it’s political suicide’

‘Where’s Al Gore?’ ‘Gore’s evolution over past 4 years ? from a central figure in Dem Party to a no-show at its biggest event ? matches what has happened to issue of climate change itself’ — Politico: ‘When Obama takes the stage this week, Gore will be nowhere in sight’

Climate Depot’s Morano on Romney: ‘After several shifts in his position on man-made global warming, Romney now appears to be straddling a middle position designed to satisfy all sides of debate’ — Politico features Climate Depot’s Morano: ‘Skeptics will applaud him for recognizing that the alleged ‘consensus’ is a fiction. Romney has come a long way since his climate views in his book where he accepted the alleged ‘consensus’ and got praised by former VP Al Gore’