Adventures in the Climate Trade

Source:  American Thinker: Adventures in the Climate Trade

By Norman Rogers, Heartland Institute

“Global warming, now called climate change, is a big industry with academic and commercial branches.  One way or another the government provides the money to keep it in business.  The academic side supports thousands of scientific workers churning out some good science larded with lots of junk science.  The commercial side is busy turning out tank cars filled with corn ethanol and covering the landscape with windmills.  Nobody would be doing any of this without government subsidies and mandates.”

“One financially minor, but intellectually important, part of the industry is the writing of alarming reports detailing the global warming catastrophe that awaits us if we don’t support the industry.  This is the marketing or propaganda side of the climate change industry. A constant drumbeat of propaganda is needed to generate support for the high cost borne by the rest of society to finance the industry. There are many of these alarming studies.  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) generates the most prominent alarmist tract.  The World Bank has a report.  The National Academies of Sciences has a report.  The British government did the well-publicized Stern Report.  Even the state of California gets into the act, albeit with more amateurish[ii] reports.”

USGCRP stands for the U.S. Global Change Research Program.  In spite of the name the USGCRP does not directly do any research. It writes reports.  The research is done by numerous programs spread about federal government entities.  The USGCRP is hard at work on its periodic national climate assessment.  In the jargon of bureaucratic action, numerous conferences, workshops and inputs from stakeholders are driving this supposedly accountable and transparent project.

“The report writers are well informed concerning the requirements of political correctness.  They consider  tribal (and Alaska native) interests as well as considerations of environmental justice.  A federal advisory committee has been formed with more than 40 outside experts and representatives from various federal agencies.  Supposedly this advisory committee will write the report and ensure its scientific validity.  But a committee of 40 unpaid academics is unlikely to accomplish anything beyond a lot of talk.

The staff will write the report and the purpose of the committee is to bless it and lend credibility.  It’s a status exchange.  The unpaid academics get to add membership in the federal advisory committee to their resumes and the schemers in the bureaucracy get scientific credibility for their ideological promotions.  The wizard behind the scenes is John Holdren, the president’s science advisor, radical environmentalist and one of the most talented science politicians of our time.”

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