A (Very Deep) Question for Environmentalists

Source:  Patriot Update

Today my young Independent/Democrat-leaning friend Tabitha and I were discussing the Green movement in America. We were on the subject of the manufacturer-killing EPA, massive regulations and the loss of the Keystone Pipeline when she made a very astute observation.

?The US has the cleanest, most heavily regulated drilling and mining facilities on earth, right?? Tabitha asked.

?Yes, absolutely,? I answered.

?So if the Obama administration and all these environmentalists really care about the environment and want a cleaner planet,? she said, ?and if they really believe emissions and exhausts from our factories are what?s causing global warming?why would they encourage even one of our oil or mining companies to move overseas??

I sat in silence a moment, absorbing the complex simplicity of what she was asking.

Basically, Tabitha rolled the entire Green movement debate into a very neat, easy-to-understand package.

In a nutshell, why would any alleged ?environmentalist? or ?progressive? want to allow something as clean as a U.S. company to move to an unregulated, unchecked, ?dirty? place overseas?

?You would think that these environmentalists would beg our companies to stay here in America where we provide the cleanest, most efficient energy on the planet!? Tabitha said passionately. ?Instead, they?re not only chasing our companies away, they?re actually funding drilling and mining in other countries where they have relatively zero regulations compared to that of the US.?

I could see the light turning on in Tabitha?s head as she slowly said, ?It?s almost like they have another agenda behind this Green movement stuff?.

I resisted the urge to say ?Duh!? and instead simply said, ?Yes, Tabitha. That is exactly what it seems like.?

Thank you, Mr. Obama and all you progressives out there, for turning yet another Independent into a Conservative!