A professor speaks out: money has corrupted our global warming debate

Source:  Herald Sun (Australia)

Australian physicist Professor Brian J O?Brien has worked on the Apollo moon missions. In this interview with the ABC, just 8:15 from the end, he suddenly cuts loose on man-made global warming, and commits a series of heresies that pin back the ears of the interviewer.

– It?s been wildly exaggerated. When he first started researching the topic, ?I got rather frightened at the exaggerations that were going around.?

– It?s ?certainly not proven? than man is largely to blame for any warming.

– ?The sad part was that there were no senior scientists that were independent? in the field.

– He discovered that ?the funding for climate change research was only going to what you call true believers and when that happens inevitably you get a bias?.

– An Australian professor of physics told him he ?completely? supported his concern but had to keep his team of 65 researchers going with work, and ?the only funding I can get for them and to get their PhDs is greenhouse funding from Canberra or whereever?.

– ?For 20 years people have been indoctrinated with the abuse of language? so that ?climate change? is meant to suggest that all change is man-made. Of course, there?s climate change. That?s not the question

– He?s worried we?re going ahead of the world in cutting emissions.

SPPI Note:  for an examination of government corruption of climate science see:  Climate Money by Joanne Nova.