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Note on Resistors ? The Fraud of Climate Science Analogies

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Source: Principia-Scientific 

by Joseph E Postma

No More Analogies

In my last post we developed the equations for edu review the temperature of a powered resistor with or without an ambient environment.

As has been pointed out to me, and has now been made clear to me, is that ?argument by analogy? is a trap.  Analogies are an approximation to the ?actual thing?, but are not the actual thing.  Also, an analogy from an actual thing, to another idea-thing, doesn?t in any way indicate something else which is factually-actual.analogies ahead

What I mean is that a horse is analogous to a unicorn, however, this does not lend any support, not one iota of support, to the supposition that unicorns exist.  You can have the proposition that unicorns exist, of course, and you can say that unicorns are analogous to horses and that since horses exist, then unicorns should also exist since ?they?re so well known ? everybody has heard of a unicorn!?, and you can have lots of people agree with you, and people can write papers about the properties of unicorns since they?re so similar to horses?however, none of this proves or supports in any way at all the proposition that unicorns exist. (more…)