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New York State's money-road to nowhere

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Source:  SPPI

by Mary Kay Barton

IDAs are “shifting the burden of taxation onto local residents and small businesses”

Local, state, and federal political favors have created an artificial and unsustainable industry:  industrial wind power. Voters in every state need to understand what is going on in New York, so that the same things don?t happen to them.

Enormous industrial turbines have resulted in negative ecological and economic effects.  Rural towns and countrysides across the USA have become the dumping grounds for massive sprawling infrastructure for a paltry amount of remote, unreliable energy.

For many enjoying rural life, the invasion of industrial wind installations has turned environmentalism on its head. (more…)

New technique shows Roman Warm Period Warmer than Present Day

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Source:  The Observatory

by Dr. David Whitehouse

A promising new technique to reconstruct past temperatures has been developed by scientists at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada and Durham University, England, using the shells of bivalve mollusks. the scientists say that oxygen isotopes in their shells are a good proxy measurement of temperature and may provide the most detailed record yet of global climate change.

Most measures of palaeoclimate, such as those from tree rings, provide data on only average annual temperatures, and then they are affected by many other factors such as the rainfall effect on tree ring width. William Patterson, lead author of the study, says that as mollusks grow the colder the water, the higher the proportion of the heavy oxygen isotope, oxygen-18 in the shells. Because shell growth depends upon seasonal temperature variations it is possible to see much finer changes than tree rings. Because they only live for between 2 – 9 years it has the potential to reveal fine temporal detail for specific periods. (more…)

News Round Up on Climate Black List

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Source: Climate Depot

‘Black List’ Shame: ‘So many errors of data…mistakes regarding backgrounds, employment and specializations of scientists on the lists’

Pielke Jr.: A New Black List: ‘May very well mark a new low point in the pathological politicization of climate science’ — ‘There are good guys and there are bad guys, and to tell them apart, it is important to have a list. A black list’

Inquisition Has Begun! Joe Romm already using Black List ‘to dismiss scientists as unfit for participation in climate debate’ ( — Romm: ‘It is time for the media to stop listening to, quoting, and enabling the anti-scientist disinformers’ (more…)

New papers at SPPI

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Source:  SPPI

ECONOMICS OF BIOFUELSeconomics_biofuels

Aside from rejecting biofuel expansion and use for environmental reasons (see Biofuels (Land and Water Concerns)[] and Biofuels (Miscellaneous)[] in our Subject Index), the production and use of biofuels from an economic perspective does not make much sense either. Proponents of biofuels say their increased production will increase the supply of transportation fuels and therefore lead to lower prices. Critics of biofuels point out ethanol often costs more, not less, than gasoline, either because of production costs or supplies that can’t keep pace with government mandates, and therefore leads to higher prices at least in the short run.


Analysis of the 2nd Order Draft of the Working Group I IPCC 5AR

The preparation of IPCC Assessment Reports involves several stages, three of which are designated
“Expert Review”, “Expert and Government Review” and “Government Review”. These three stages
respectively address the first order draft (FOD), the second order draft (SOD) and the near-final
draft of the Summary for Policymakers.

Of particular interest to the wider scientific community is the review of the SOD of the Working
Group I contribution to these assessment reports because this is the last stage at which individual
reviewers can comment on the draft document.




In 2006, when I first made the mistake of writing publicly of my doubts about the Party Line on manmade global warming, I began to receive 100 emails a day from interested members of the public ? and of the scientific community. I have been doing my best to answer the best of them ever since.


One was from Dr. Dennis Ray Wingo of NASA. He told me the magnetic convection currents beneath both hemispheres of the Sun had slowed to walking pace. This was unprecedented in the record. He expected that solar cycles would lengthen and the vigor of solar activity would decline, perhaps for up to 60 years.


New paper ? ?absence of correlation between temperature changes ? and CO2"

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015
Source: Wattsup
by Anthony Watts

WUWT readers may remember way back when?I posted this from Joe D?Aleo:


Joe wrote then:

Clearly the US annual temperatures over the last century have correlated far better with cycles in the sun and oceans than carbon dioxide. The correlation with carbon dioxide seems to have vanished or even reversed in the last decade.

There?s a new paper by Paulo Cesar Soares in the International Journal of Geosciences supporting Joe?s idea, and it is full and open access. See link below.

Warming Power of CO2 and H2O: Correlations with Temperature Changes

Author: Paulo Cesar Soares

ABSTRACT (more…)

New Paper at SPPI: Rewriting Sunspot History

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Source:  SPPIMonckton - rewriting sunspot history

In 2006, when I first made the mistake of writing publicly of my doubts about the Party Line on manmade global warming, I began to receive 100 emails a day from interested members of the public ? and of the scientific community. I have been doing my best to answer the best of them ever since.

One was from Dr. Dennis Ray Wingo of NASA. He told me the magnetic convection currents beneath both hemispheres of the Sun had slowed to walking pace. This was unprecedented in the record. He expected that solar cycles would lengthen and the vigor of solar activity would decline, perhaps for up to 60 years.


Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Source:  SPPIMcLean - Analysis of the 2nd Order Draft of the Working Group I IPCC 5AR

This new review is unlike the previous analysis because it focuses not only on a statistical analysis but also various review comments, many of which were simply noticed in passing.

New Material Posted on the CO2 Science Web site 9 October – 15 October 2014

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Source: CO2 Sciencecoral-reef-1

Alleviating Phosphorus Limitations in a Future Acidified Ocean (15 October 2014)

Once again, we have another example of a marine organism that will likely benefit from so-called ocean acidification, even in the face of an important resource limitation…

The Diverse Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine N2 Fixers (15 October 2014)
They range from negative to neutral to positive. Guess which one predominates…

Impacts of Warming and Cooling Trends on Swedish Alpine Flora (14 October 2014)
By what means and how well have the plants dealt with these two climatic challenges?…

Some Incompatibilities of Global and Regional Climate Models (14 October 2014)
Regional- to local-scale predictions of GCMs can often be misleading; and corrections imposed by RCM downscaling can also be misleading… (more…)

New Material Posted on the CO2 Science Web site 16 October – 22 October 2014

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Source: CO2 Sciencea-water

(22 October 2014)
The yield and pharmaceutical quality of Scutellaria species can be enhanced “with controlled environment production and CO2 enrichment”…

Why 2014 Won?t Be the Warmest Year on Record (21 October 2014)
Much is being made of the ?global? surface thermometer data, which three-quarters the way through 2014 is now suggesting the global average this year will be the warmest in the modern instrumental record. Dr. Roy Spencer explains why he feels this is wrong…

Sea Level Rates-of-Rise Along Europe’s North Sea Coastline (21 October 2014)
Have they accelerated as the air’s CO2 concentration has continued its upward climb?…

Gene Expression Plasticity Evolution in Threespine Stickleback Fish (21 October 2014)
A new study finds extremely compelling support for it, and that is encouraging news for those concerned about animal range expansions or shifts caused by climate change…

Mid- and High-Latitude Forests Respond to Environmental Change (20 October 2014)
To “reduce the uncertainties in predicting future carbon dynamics in forest ecosystems, land surface models should not only consider land-use history, but also account for key physiological processes governing the fate of carbon sequestration in forest ecosystems, such as the effects of CO2 fertilization, nitrogen deposition, and climate warming on vegetation growth.”… (more…)

NASA scientist James Hansen endorses book which calls for 'ridding the world of Industrial Civilization'

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Source:  Climate Depot

Below are excerpts from an article by James Delingpole of the UK Telegraph. Full Telegraph article .

Excerpt: In a scary new book called Time’s Up – whose free online version titled A Matter Of Scale you can read here – author Keith Farnish claims: “The only way to prevent global ecological collapse and thus ensure the survival of humanity is to rid the world of Industrial Civilization.”

He (Farnish) believes – as the Hon Sir Jonathon Porritt does – that mankind is a blot on the landscape and that breeding (or for that matter, existence) should be discouraged: “In short, the greatest immediate risk to the population living in the conditions created by Industrial Civilization is the population itself. Civilization has created the perfect conditions for a terrible tragedy on the kind of scale never seen before in the history of humanity. That is one reason for there to be fewer people, providing you are planning on staying within civilization – I really wouldn’t recommend it, though.” (more…)

Muller Stands Accused by Researcher: Muller 'broke a confidentiality agreement…I've had it up to here with being lied to by Muller… with his tricks & whoring for the media'

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Source: Climatedepot

by Marc Morano

For more go to — Check out the new Climate Depot Richard Muller page here & see here.]

Richard Muller Stands Accused by Climate Researcher : Muller ‘broke a confidentiality agreement…I’ve had it up to here with being lied to by Muller, I’m fed up with his tricks & his whoring for the media’

Climate researcher Willis Eschenbach Slams Muller: Muller ‘engages in shameless self-promotion…Sure, I could pretend Muller is an honest and honorable man like you recommend. But his actions have shown him to be a cunning snake’. (more…)

More on temperature data tampering

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Correlating Temperature With CO2

by stevengoddard

NCAR graph from the 1970s

Now that at least one member of the Hockey team has acknowledged that the cooling in the 1970s was both real and natural, we can analyze older data which was not perturbed by people with an agenda to prove global warming. The graph below compares NCAR’s 1970s temperatures vs. atmospheric CO2. (more…)

More Antics of the Ruling Class

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015


Today the Evergreen Freedom Foundation’s Constitutional Law Center announced they would, on behalf of Washington State taxpayers, sue Democrat Gov. Christine Gregoire because last year she implementing climate change measures that the Democrat-run state legislature had rejected.

“We believe Gov. Gregoire’s climate change executive order is an unconstitutional order,” said Michael Reitz, director of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation’s Constitutional Law Center, who represents the taxpayers in this case. “Gov. Gregoire violated the doctrine of separation of powers by snatching a failed bill out of the legislative process and issuing it in the form of an executive order. If the governor wants to pass laws, she’s in the wrong branch of government.” (more…)

Monckton: The Contrarians Have Better Data

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015


Prof. Michael E. Mann writes (“Climate Contrarians Ignore Overwhelming Evidence,” Letters, Dec. 5) that his 1999 “hockey stick” graph “showed that average temperatures today are higher than they have been for at least the past 1,000 years.”

But Mr. Mann’s paper only covered the northern hemisphere. It included the questionable use of annual bristlecone-pine tree rings for temperature reconstruction. Even then, it replaced some tree-ring data with estimates. Tree-ring series that showed a 20th-century uptick were given 390 times the weighting of other series, according to a 2005 study by Ross McKitrick, an environmental economist at the University of Guelph. Mr. Mann and his fellow Climategate emailers used what they called “Mann’s Nature trick” to “hide” the mismatch between late-20th-century warming and the cooling the tree-rings showed. (more…)

Michael Mann — the ghost of climate past

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Following is a series of articles updating the Mann Hockey Stick fiasco, with sources provided per each post.

Michael Mann

Source: PJ Media

People who have been following the climate debate closely know that one of the most controversial and key elements of the controversy is the so-called ?hockey stick? ? a graph of supposed global temperature over the past centuries that ostensibly shows a dramatic increase in average temperature in the last century or so (the upward swoop of the graph at that point is the business end of the stick, with regard to the puck). It vaulted its inventor, Michael Mann of Penn State University, to climate stardom, with associated acclaim and government grants, when he first presented it in the late ?90s. It was the visual basis of much of the hysteria in recent years, from Al Gore?s Oscar-winning crockumentary to bogus reports from the UN?s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Unfortunately for those promoting the theory (and the potentially economically catastrophic policy recommendations supposedly supported by it), recent events indicate that the last basis of scientific support for the hockey stick may be crumbling. But to understand this, a little background is necessary. (more…)