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Harsh Winter Bad for Power Lines

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Source: Daily Callerpower-line-ice-winter-10286068

If you thought last winter was bad, get ready for a potentially worse winter in parts of the country this year. But another record-setting winter could mean more than higher heating bills and snow fights.

Harsh winter weather combined with coal-fired power plant closings could spell trouble for many households across the country who will desperately need to keep the lights and heat on this winter.

Joe Bastardi, chief meteorologist at WeatherBELL Analytics, told the Wall Street Journal Live that current weather patterns are ?flowing along right now into the type of El Niño situation that is notorious for giving the United States cold, snowy winters, especially in the southern and eastern part of the United States, relative to the averages.? (more…)

Climate Model Credibility Gap

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Source:  the Resiliant Earth

by Doug L. Hoffman

Marine and terrestrial proxy records suggest that there was a peak in global warming between 10,000 and 6,000 years ago, following the end of the last glacial period. Since the Holocene Thermal Maximum, Earth has undergone global cooling. The physical mechanism responsible for this global cooling has remained unknown and doesn’t fit in with the current CO2 based climate models. Those climate models generate a robust global annual mean warming throughout the Holocene, mainly in response to rising CO2 levels and albedo changes due to retreating of ice sheets. In other words, the models disagree with reality, and when models disagree with nature the models have a credibility gap. A new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) says this model-data inconsistency indicates a critical reexamination of both proxy data and models is called for. (more…)

Recent papers at SPPI

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Source: SPPI

Effects of Elevated C02 on the Stomatal Conductance of Agricultural Crops

As the air’s CO2 content continues to rise, nearly all plants will respond by reducing their leaf stomatal apertures, through which water vapor exiting the leaf and carbon dioxide entering the leaf diffuse during transpiration and photosynthesis, respectively. This phenomenon typically leads to an increase in water use efficiency at elevated CO2 concentrations, because with more CO2 in the air, plants don’t need to open their stomates as wide as they do at lower atmospheric CO2 concentrations to allow for sufficient inward diffusion of CO2 for use in photosynthesis. And as a consequence of this phenomenon, plants typically exhibit reductions in transpirational water loss, smaller yield losses attributable to the uptake of aerial pollutants, and increases in water-use efficiency. This summary document thus reviews some of the scientific literature pertaining to this important effect of elevated CO2 on the stomatal conductances of agricultural crops.

Response of Various Marine Animals to Ocean Warming

According to the IPCC, CO2-induced global warming will be net harmful to the world’s marine species. This summary examines this hypothesis for various marine animals, presenting evidence in opposition to the IPCC’s point of view.

Medieval Warm Period in Central Europe

Was there really a global Medieval Warm Period? The IPCC used to acknowledge there was; but they have long since changed their view on the subject. Mounting evidence, however, suggests they were wrong to do so; and in this summary, new and important data from Central Europe that support their original belief are described and discussed.



Recent postings at GWPF

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Source: GWPFsolar flare

1) Hundred-Year Period Of Increased Solar Activity Coming To An End – Helsinki Times, 18 August 2014

2) Solar Cycles Linked To Global Warming Pause, New Paper – The Australian, 16 August 2014

3) Astronomy Paper Implies Solar Role In Climate Change – Reporting Climate Science, 7 August 2014

4) Sun’s Activity Impacts Climate Change – Lund University, 19 August 2014

5) Sunspots 2014: Two Big Surprises – Inform the Pundits, 17 August 2014

6) Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Skyrocketing – Sunshine Hourse, 15 August 2014

7) Arctic Sea Ice Area Highest Since 2004 – Real Science, 17 August 2014

8) Climate Model Credibility & The Holocene Temperature Conundrum – The Resilient Earth, 15 August 2014


A World In Chaos, And Kerry’s Talking Climate Change

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Source: IBD

Secretary of State John Kerry bids farewell in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday. During a brief stop in the Solomon Islands, Kerry called for...Secretary of State John Kerry bids farewell in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday. During a brief stop in the Solomon Islands, Kerry called for… View Enlarged Image

Diplomacy: Great leadership isn’t necessarily about intelligence, expertise or background. It’s more about wisdom and judgment. Based on this, Americans should be very concerned about Secretary of State John Kerry.

As the world melts into chaos and threats to the U.S. homeland multiply, America’s top foreign policy official seems bizarrely, even dangerously, fixated on … global warming. (more…)

The public isn’t buying billionaire Tom Steyer’s anti-energy climate activist agenda

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014


Kim Strassel

Kim Strassel

A Climate Crusader’s Comeuppance

Billionaire Tom Steyer’s vow to make politicians toe the green line isn’t working out so well.By KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL

Aug. 14, 2014 7:22 p.m. ET    THE WALL STREET JOURNALAs political comedowns go, there may be few to compare to the humbling of Tom Steyer. Six months after the climate activist roared on the national political scene vowing $100 million to impose his agenda on this fall’s midterms, it would appear that this billionaire don’t hunt.

Remember the liberal huzzahs that greeted the February pledge? The New York Times gave Mr. Steyer the front page, heralding a coming “hard-edge campaign of attack ads” that would pressure officials to “enact climate change measures” and persuade voters to back a climate agenda. Democrats hailed him as their new power broker, crowing about a war chest that could rival the Koch brothers and even up the midterm election odds. Environmentalists welcomed a white knight who would finally align the party and public behind their priorities. (more…)

Panic Time! IPCC Climate Scientist Serves Up Litany Of Excuses For Warming Stop

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Source:  No tricks Zonecrazy 4

By P Gosselin

The online Swiss here reports on a new study just appearing in the latest Nature Geoscience, authored by devout warmist climate scientist Reto Knutti of the Zurich ETH.

Knutti?s study and the article are in a panicked scramble to explain why there hasn?t been any warming in more than 15 years, insisting that global warming has only paused and eventually will resume with renewed vigor ? at time yet to be determined time in the future.

The title of the piece is: ?Climate Warming Takes a Break?. (more…)

Updated list of 29 excuses for the 18 year ‘pause’ in global warming

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014


RSS satellite data showing the 18 year ‘pause’ of global warming
An updated list of at least 29 32 excuses for the 18 year ‘pause’ in global warming, including recent scientific papers, media quotes, blogs, and related debunkings:  (more…)

Scientists and Studies predict ?imminent global COOLING? ahead ? Drop in global temps ?almost a slam dunk?

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Soiurce:  Climate Depotantarctica2

Growing number of scientists are predicting global cooling: Russia?s Pulkovo Observatory: ?We could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years?

Danish Solar Scientist Svensmark declares ?global warming has stopped and a cooling is beginning?enjoy global warming while it lasts?

New paper by Russian solar physicist by Habibullo Abdussamatov predicts another Little Ice Age within the next 30 years

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi on declining global temps: ?Has the Obama administration, the EPA or anyone that can read a chart actually looked at what global temperatures are now doing??

Climate Scientist Prof. Anastasios Tsonis at the University of Wisconsin?Milwaukee, Predicts: ?I would assume something like another 15 years of leveling off or cooling?

Prominent geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook warns ?global COOLING is almost a slam dunk? for up to 30 years or more

Australian Astronomical Society warns of global COOLING as Sun?s activity ?significantly diminishes? (more…)

Trampling on Coal Country families

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Source: SPPICoal_mine_Wyoming

Obama and EPA are determined to destroy US coal, people?s lives and welfare be damned

by Paul Driessen

Between 1989 and 2010, Congress rejected nearly 700 cap-tax-and-trade and similar bills that their proponents claimed would control Earth?s perpetually fickle climate and weather. So even as real world crises erupt, President Obama is using executive fiats and regulations to impose his anti-hydrocarbon agenda, slash America?s fossil fuel use, bankrupt coal and utility companies, make electricity prices skyrocket, and ?fundamentally transform? our economic, social, legal and constitutional system. (more…)

Taking a crash course in defense of coal

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Source: Wash Timescoal astroid

Conflict with climate-change activists is unavoidable

By Tom Harris

The United Mine Workers of America is encouraging its members to speak out against the Obama administration?s proposed regulations on carbon-dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants.

The United Mine Workers wants workers to bring up the same issues that the union complained about during its July 31 protest march in Pittsburgh: massive costs and job losses, the inadequacy of alternative-energy sources, the injustice of making reductions when other countries may not, the insignificant global climate impact of U.S. emission cuts, and the anti-coal bias in the Environmental Protection Agency?s consultation process. (more…)