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Tuesday, February 18th, 2014


Remember The Acid Rain ‘Scare’? Global Warming Hysteria Is Pouring Down

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Source: Forbes Bogus

Remember the big ?acid rain? scare during the 1970s and 1980s attributing damage to lakes and forests to emissions from Midwestern utilities? If so, did you ever hear the results of a more than half-billion-dollar, 10-year-long national Acid Precipitation Assessment Program study that was initiated in 1980 to research the matter?

Probably not.

As it turned out, those widespread fears proved to be largely unfounded, since only one species of tree at a high elevation suffered any notable effect, and acidity in lakes was traced to natural causes. The investigating scientists reported that they had ?turned up no smoking gun; that the problem is far more complicated than it been thought; that other factors combine to harm trees; and that sorting out the cause-and-effect was difficult and in some cases impossible.?

Robert Bruck, a North Carolina State University plant pathologist who worked on the project, observed: ?if you?re environmentally oriented, you going to find things to be concerned about; if you?re one who finds no reason to get excited, you?ll find much to support that too.? (more…)

95 percent of global warming models are wrong

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Source: Daily Caller

Making a better climate model

Making a better climate model

Environmentalists and Democrats often cite a ?97 percent? consensus among climate scientists about global warming. But they never cite estimates that 95 percent of climate models predicting global temperature rises have been wrong.

Former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer says that climate models used by government agencies to create policies ?have failed miserably.? Spencer analyzed 90 climate models against surface temperature and satellite temperature data, and found that more than 95 percent of the models ?have over-forecast the warming trend since 1979, whether we use their own surface temperature dataset (HadCRUT4), or our satellite dataset of lower tropospheric temperatures (UAH).?

?I am growing weary of the variety of emotional, misleading, and policy-useless statements like ?most warming since the 1950s is human caused? or ?97% of climate scientists agree humans are contributing to warming?, neither of which leads to the conclusion we need to substantially increase energy prices and freeze and starve more poor people to death for the greater good. Yet, that is the direction we are heading,? Spencer wrote on his blog. (more…)

Things More Worrisome than AGW: “Sniper” attack on electric grid

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Source:  LA TimesMicholick

Shooters armed with assault rifles and some knowledge of electrical utilities have prompted new worries on the vulnerability of California’s vast power grid.

A 2013 attack on an electric substation near San Jose that nearly knocked out Silicon Valley’s power supply was initially downplayed as vandalism by Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the facility’s owner. Gunfire from semiautomatic weapons did extensive damage to 17 transformers that sent grid operators scrambling to avoid a blackout.

But this week, a former top power regulator offered a far more ominous interpretation: The attack was terrorism, he said, and if circumstances had been just a little different, it could have been disastrous.

Jon Wellinghoff, who was chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission when the shooting took place, said that attack was clearly executed by well-trained individuals seeking to do significant damage to the area, and he fears it was a test run for an even larger assault. (more…)

January 2014 Archive of Scientific Literature Reviews

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Source: Climate Change Reconsideredcoral reef2

Does Thawing of Permafrost Lead to Further Global Warming? (1 Jan 2014)

According to the authors of this study it is “questionable whether a thawing of permafrost really would lead to an accelerated and increased carbon loss in these soils”… Read More

Effects of Ocean Acidification on Egg & Larval Stages of Baltic Cod (1 Jan 2014)
The data presented in this study showed that “the eggs and early larval stages of Baltic cod seem to be robust to even higher levels of OA (3,200 µatm), indicating an adaptational response to CO2“… Read More

Effects of Elevated pCO2 on a Tidal Pool Coralline Alga (1 Jan 2014)
New observations portend “a greater resilience” of such organisms to the projected “highly variable pH/pCO2 environments of future ocean acidification”… Read More (more…)