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Gridlock in Washington Continues to Hold Promise

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

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Only 65 bills enacted during 2013

The January 6, 2014, Congressional Record (page D13)[i][i] provides new evidence that should warm the hearts of millions of Americans outside the Beltway who are aware of the damage done by Congress each year as it expands the size and reach of the federal government, spends trillions of dollars, provides billions in tax breaks to special interests, and adds hundreds of billions to the debt that will be passed along to our children and grandchildren. (more…)

Ship of Fools Cartoon

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

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New Paper at SPPI: Game Over! IPCC Quietly Concedes Defeat

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Source:  SPPIMonckton - game over 1-5-14

You couldn?t make it up. A Russian ?Antarctic research vessel? carrying not diligent scientific researchers but 74 taxpayer-funded climate extremists on a junket to help them make up headlines about sea ice melting because of ?global warming? finds itself stuck in ? er ? sea ice. And sea ice in high summer at that. The extremists, as so often happens, had believed their own propaganda. They had believed Al Gore. They had believed, poor saps, that Antarctica was warming and melting. It isn?t.

Ice, Ice, Baby: Ship Rescuing Icebound Global Warming Scientists is Now Stranded Too?In Copious Amounts of (snicker) Polar Ice

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

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By Kimberly Paxton

To heap a little more irony on top of the last healthy serving of irony, a ship from China has gone to rescue global warming researchers that were trapped in huge amounts of Antarctic ice.

But this whole rescue business really isn?t working out too well for them. They picked up the researchers, however, unfortunately, now they too are stuck?in the ice.

The song, ?Ice, Ice, Baby? keeps running through my head, and I must confess that I really can?t type this with a straight face or present a solemn tone.

Man, that global warming sure is bad this year.

On January 2nd, Melissa Melton reported on the researchers? plight: (more…)

Liberal Reporting Bias on “Cold Ship of Fools” Rescue

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Source: Hot Air

"Ship of Climate Fools"

“Ship of Climate Fools”

Rescue of trapped climate-change researchers from ice and blizzard finally succeeds

One of the more revealing events in climate-change research has come to a close, at least in terms of the rescue of 52 researchers stuck near Antarctica. The team attempted to recreate the 1911-13 Antarctic journey of Douglas Mawson, only to get stuck in a surprisingly expanded polar ice sheet. A video report leading CNN?s World page claims that they have been rescued and boarded onto an Australian ship that will leave shortly:

CBS reports that the rescue has succeeded, too:

A long-awaited rescue of passengers from a Russian research ship trapped in Antarctic ice for more than a week finally went ahead Thursday morning, with a helicopter safely ferrying all 52 researchers and tourists to a nearby vessel, expedition leaders said. (more…)

Ship Of (Cold) Fools Rescued At Last

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Source:  The Australian  arctic ship stuck in ice

YOU have to feel a touch of sympathy for the global warming scientists, journalists and other hangers-on aboard the Russian ship stuck in impenetrable ice in Antarctica, the mission they so confidently embarked on to establish solid evidence of melting ice caps resulting from climate change embarrassingly abandoned because the ice is, in fact, so impossibly thick. (more…)

The Green Distruction of Nature

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

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ONLY a fraction of Scottish forests felled to make way for wind farms have been replanted, figures show, sparking calls for a ban on new developments.

Forestry Commission statistics reveal that about five million trees ? almost one for every person in Scotland ? have been cut down to clear space for turbines in the past six years but less than a third of them have been replaced.

Of the 2,510 hectares stripped of woodland to make way for turbines since 2007, just 792 hectares were reforested after construction was completed.

The Scottish Conservatives, who obtained the figures through a Freedom of Information request, claimed the figures are evidence that the Scottish Government is ?destroying nature? in a bid to meet its own climate targets, which aim for all the country?s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020. (more…)