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Five or More Failed Experiments in Measuring Global Sea Level Change

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013


Dr. Soon, an astrophysicist, authored The Maunder Minimum and The Variable Sun-Earth Connection. Presented at the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness 31st Annual Meeting, July 13, 2013, Houston, Texas.

MET Office on “The Pause” in Warming

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Source: SEPP  weather forecasting

The Pause:

The British Met Office [formerly, Metrological Office] produced three reports with titles starting with ?The recent pause in global warming:? David Whitehead observes that the reports may say more about the messenger than the message. Among other things, the reports imply there is nothing unusual about the current standstill. Which would come as a surprise to the EPA and its certainty in its findings. One of the models that was run multiple times reproduces the pause ? which speaks to the lack of rigor in the models.

Perhaps the models can be likened to a pot of hot water in which gelatin has been dissolved. The final form depends upon the mold in which it is cooled, with temperature data being the mold.

The reports also suggest the missing heat is hiding in the deep ocean. How a warming of the atmosphere, where the greenhouse effect takes place, thousands of feet above the surface enters the deep oceans without leaving is trace is a mystery to be explained.

The reports also state that the highest level of projected warming has been reduced, and that the most likely level is reduced by 10%. Although the terms verified and validity are mentioned, there is no effort to rigorously validate the models.  At least the Met Office recognizes there is a pause, which is something that the US Administration does not.

Full SEPP report here


New Paper at SPPI: Impact of Rising C02 on Agricultural Methane Emissions

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Source:  SPPI a - rising_co2_methane

What impact does the ongoing rise in the air’s CO2 content have on the atmosphere’s methane concentration? The implications of this question are huge, in light of the fact that, molecule for molecule, methane is a much more powerful greenhouse gas than is carbon dioxide. Hence, we here consider this question as it applies to methane emissions associated with agricultural operations.

Full paper here

New Paper at SPPI: Ten Years of “Accelerated Global Warming”? No, Mr. President!

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Source: SPPI  Monckton response to Obama 2013

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

During the July 2013 U.S. Senate hearing at which Roger Pielke Jr. and Roy Spencer gave stellar testimony to the visible discomfiture of the climate-extremist witnesses, none of the Democrat Senators and none of those they had chosen to testify before them was at all anxious to defend Mr. Obama?s assertion that over the past decade global warming has been accelerating at an unforeseen rate.

At a fund-raiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Chicago May 29, he had said: ?We ? know that the climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or ten years ago.? He had added: ?I don?t have much patience for people who deny climate change.?

Yet one should deny that the climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or ten years ago. For science is done by measurement, not by parroting the Party Line. And the measurements do not support the Party Line.

Let me demonstrate. First, what warming does the IPCC anticipate in its upcoming and much-leaked Fifth Assessment Report?

Full paper:


Why is Obama lying on climate change?

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Source:  Town Hall

Is Obama Joking?

Is Obama Joking?

by Marita Noon 

The fact that President Obama has been spreading lies about climate change to support his actions directing the Environmental Protection Agency to impose costly new restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions was exposed last week at a Senate hearing. The lie? Spoken with his trademark don?t-you-dare-question-me confidence during a November 2012, press conference, Obama said: ?What we do know is the temperature around the globe is increasing?faster than was predicted even ten years ago.? Then at a Chicago fundraiser on May 29: ?We also know that the climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or 10 years ago.? He?s likely said the same thing several times in the intervening months. (more…)

New Paper at SPPI: Roger Pielkde, Jr. Senat Testimony, July 2013

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Source:  SPPI  pielke_epa_committee

full statement


New Paper at SPPI: Medieval Warm Period in North America

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Source: SPPI evidence_mwp_namerica

Climate alarmists claim that rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations due to the burning of fossil fuels – such as coal, gas and oil – have raised global air temperatures to their highest level in the past one to two millennia. And, therefore, investigating the possibility of the existence of a period of equal or greater global warmth within the past one to two thousand years has become a high-priority enterprise; for if such a period could be shown to have existed at times when the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration was far less than it is today, there would be no compelling reason to attribute the warmth of our day to the CO2 released to the air by mankind’s burning of the fossil fuels that supplied the power that sustained the Industrial Revolution. Therefore, in this review of the pertinent scientific literature, results of the search for such knowledge are presented for studies conducted within North American countries located south of the southern border of the United States.

See full paper here:


Senate EPW Hearing: ?Climate Change: It?s Happened Before?

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Source: Global Warming

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

OK, so yesterday?s hearing really was entitled, ?Climate Change: It?s Happening Now?. I like my title better.

In this exceedingly rare photo of me actually cracking a smile, note my subliminal shout out to the ?Coke? brothers (whom I?ve never met, btw?I don?t even know what they do):

From the opening remarks made by the Democrats on the Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee, apparently you can see climate change yourself just by looking in your backyard, or seeing how far from shore fishermen must go now to catch fish, or even (help me with the logic on this one) the fact that smoking causes cancer.

I just submitted my updated written testimony (Spencer_EPW_Written_Testimony_7_18_2013_updated) to include the following chart (Click for full size):

This chart illustrates that, yes, we are currently warm, but not significantly warmer than the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) or the Roman Warm Period (RWP). So how is it we know today?s warmth is human-caused, when the last two warm periods couldn?t have been caused by humans? Hmmm? (more…)

Idso’s Rebuttal to Scott Doney’s Senate Testimony on “Ocean Acidification”

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Source: Climate Etc. acid_test

by Judith Curry

Scott Doney?s testimony

Excerpts from Doney?s recent congressional testimony [link]


Craig Idso has written comprehensive rebuttal to the NRDC film ?Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification.? [link]

So what?s the story here? Are coral reefs really in their last decades of existence? Will the shells of other calcifying marine life also dissolve away during our lifetimes? The NRDC film certainly makes it appear that such is the case; but a little scientific sleuthing reveals nothing of substance in this regard. In fact, even a cursory review of the peer-reviewed scientific literature reveals that an equally strong case ? if not a more persuasive one ? can be made for the proposition that the ongoing rise in atmospheric CO2 concentration will actually prove a boon to calcifying marine life. Sadly, however, the NRDC chose to present an extreme one-sided, propagandized view of ocean acidification; and in this critique we present the part of the story that they clearly don?t want you to know.

[25 pages of text, 13 pages of references]

From the Conclusions: (more…)

Energy program shows the dishonesty of climate change arguments

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Source:  Oregonianco2 fraud

By Gordon J. Fulks

In 1960 when a U-2 spy plane disappeared over the Soviet Union, President Dwight Eisenhower told the world that it was a “weather research aircraft” flying out of Turkey. That cover story worked for a week, until Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev confirmed that the pilot had been captured deep in Soviet territory. Should an American president have supported an elaborate fabrication? It served no lasting purpose and demeaned a great president.

The cases that followed involving Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were far less excusable and far more damaging to the presidency. They stretched the truth to avoid accountability.

Now we have yet a different situation where a president is trying to sell a vast program of carbon controls and renewable energy subsidies, based on arguments that may meet political standards for honesty but fail scientific, engineering and legal standards. That is far more damaging to this nation than Clinton denying an affair with Monica Lewinsky. (more…)

New Paper at SPPI: Evidence of Medieval Warm Period in Russia

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Source:  SPPI russia

The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was a global climatic anomaly that encompassed a few centuries on either side of AD 1000, when temperatures in many parts of the world were even warmer than they are currently. The degree of warmth and associated changes in precipitation, however, varied from region to region and from time to time; and, therefore, the MWP was manifest differently in different parts of the world. How it behaved in Russia is the subject of this Summary.

See all papers at SPPI main site:


New SPPI Paper: Impact of Global Warming and Rising C02 on Methane Emissions from Natural Vegetation

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Source: SPPI vegitation

What impact do global warming, the ongoing rise in the air’s carbon dioxide (CO2) content and a number of other contemporary environmental trends have on the atmosphere’s methane (CH4) concentration? The implications of this question are substantial, in light of the fact that methane is a more powerful greenhouse gas, molecule for molecule, than is carbon dioxide. We here consider this question as it applies to methane emissions associated with natural vegetation.

New Material Posted on the NIPCC Web site

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Source: Climate Change Reconsidered

Stream flows

Stream flows

Sea Anemones and Microbes in a CO2-Vent-Induced pH Gradient (16 Jul 2013)

Reporting on how the two life-forms respond in one of the first-of-its-type in situ studies, Meron et al. state that ?it appears that elevated CO2 does not have a negative influence on A. viridis that live naturally in the [very CO2-enriched] site.? And they say that ?this suggests that natural long-term exposure and dynamic diverse microbial communities may contribute to the acclimation process of the host in a changing pH environment?… Read More (more…)

What Happened To The 220,000 Leaked Climatic Research Unit (CRU) Emails?

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Source: A Different Perspective  antarctica2

by Tim Ball

?It occurred to me?.? The truth doesn?t need spin.

On March 13, 2013 someone with the pseudonym Mr. FOIA released the remaining 220,000 emails leaked from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) to a select few. Since then we have heard nothing. Mr. FOIA suggested there was more useful information with examples, such as origin of the term ?deniers? applied to those who questioned Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) science. Why hasn?t more information appeared? Has threat of legal action or other intimidation silenced further release and analysis of these emails? (more…)

Does Caring for ?the Least of These? Demand Fighting Global Warming?

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Source: Cornwall Alliance

David R. Legates, Ph.D.

Recently, my fellow evangelical scientists and academics sent a letter to the United States Congress urging immediate legislation on climate change. In an effort to care for the planet?God?s second greatest gift to humanity?they argue that our uncontrolled use of fossil fuels will disproportionately affect the poor, the vulnerable, and the oppressed.

I applaud their concern for the environment and for those in defense of whom Jesus commanded us to be especially diligent. But their call to reduce carbon emissions would do more harm than good, especially to the ?least of these? as referenced by Christ. (more…)