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10 killer questions for climate extremists

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Source: SPPI

Lord Monckton

Lord Monckton

by Christopher Monckton

1. CO2 concentration has risen by 10% in the past 23 years, but the RSS satellite global lower-troposphere temperature-anomaly record shows warming over that period that is statistically indistinguishable from zero. How come?

2. Aristotle, 2350 years ago, demonstrated that to argue from “consensus” is a logical fallacy – the headcount fallacy. Some 95% of all published arguments for alarm about our influence on the climate say we must believe the “consensus”. Why was Aristotle wrong?

3. Aristotle, 2350 years ago, demonstrated that to argue that the “consensus” is a “consensus” of experts is a logical fallacy – the fallacy of appeal to authority. What has changed since 2350 years ago to make argument from appeal to authority acceptable rather than fallacious? (more…)

Been Called Worse

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Source: Brietbart  crazy2

SPPI Note:  We’ve been on the “brink of disaster” now for what, 30 years?

The folks behind a new movie slamming anyone who doesn’t attend the Green Church of Al Gore are taking a different approach, one all too common from the Left.

Greedy Lying Bastards, opening nationwide March 8, scorches those who dare to cast doubt on global warming Climate Change hysteria.

Here’s the film’s synopsis:

Hurricane Sandy. Wildfires in the West. “Brown-Outs” in the East. Farmers losing crops to the worst drought since the Dust Bowl. Climate change is no longer a prediction for the future, but a startling reality of today. Yet, as evidence of our changing climate mounts and the scientific consensus proves human causation, there continues to be no political action to thwart the warming of our planet. ?Greedy Lying Bastards? investigates the reason behind stalled efforts to tackle climate change despite consensus in the scientific community that it is not only a reality but also a growing problem placing us on the brink of disaster. The film details the people and organizations casting doubt on climate science and claims that greenhouse gases are not affected by human behavior. From the Koch Brothers to ExxonMobil, to prominent Senators and Justices, this provocative exposé unravels the layers of deceit threatening U.S. democracy.

Koch brothers? Check. The science is settled? Check. It’salmosttoolatewehavetoactyesterday? Check.

Among the experts lining up behind the film is Dr. Michael Mann, AKA Captain Hide the Decline and Splash star Daryl Hannah.

What If Atlas Shrugged?

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Source: galt

Atlas Shrugged is the title of Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel in which the world grinds to a halt after the productive segment of society goes on strike. Tired of being demonized and exploited, the world’s innovators and entrepreneurs simply walk away.

What would happen to the US today if the fossil fuel industry went on a strike of indefinite duration? What would happen if we gave the environmentalists what they want? Instead of nibbling around the edges, what if we just went all the way? What would be the consequences if Atlas shrugged?

Within 24 hours there would be long lines at service stations as people sought to purchase remaining stocks of gasoline. The same people who denounce oil companies would be desperately scrounging the last drops of available fuel for their SUVs. By the third day, all the gasoline would be gone. (more…)

Monckton Replies to Critic

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Source:  SPPI

Lord Monckton

Lord Monckton

 Note:  Lord Monckton’s responses are in bold type.

You make statements on your site that it was Al Gore?s party that had not done enough prior to Katrina. You want us to believe your posts yet this glaring error is on your site. G.W Bush was president and GOP party was in power 4 years prior to the event and 4 years after. How was it the Democratic parties fault at all?

There is no error on our part, let alone a “glaring error”. Responsibility for maintenance of the levees that failed when a mere category 3 hurricane struck lay with the Corps of Engineers, under the direction of the local administration in New Orleans, which was and is Democrat-controlled. I have recently inspected the levees and, though some remedial work (of generally poor quality) is evident, the levees are still not being properly maintained. 

You also make many statements alluding to Al Gore lying in his move ?Non-Mainstream media? as to say that if other scientist come up with a theory it isn?t valid cause its not part of mainstream science. (more…)