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Roger Pielke: Hurricanes and Human Choice

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Source:  WSJ  

Sandy was terrible, but we’re currently in a relative hurricane ‘drought.’ Connecting energy policy and disasters makes little scientific sense.


Hurricane Sandy left in its path some impressive statistics. Its central pressure was the lowest ever recorded for a storm north of North Carolina, breaking a record set by the devastating “Long Island Express” hurricane of 1938. Along the East Coast, Sandy led to more than 50 deaths, left millions without power and caused an estimated $20 billion or more in damage.

But to call Sandy a harbinger of a “new normal,” in which unprecedented weather events cause unprecedented destruction, would be wrong. This historic storm should remind us that planet Earth is a dangerous place, where extreme events are commonplace and disasters are to be expected. In the proper context, Sandy is less an example of how bad things can get than a reminder that they could be much worse. (more…)

OPINION: MACT ? The End of Affordable Coal.

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Source: RedState  

The MACT Regulation Could Potentially Eliminate 10% of America?s Coal-Fired Electricity.

Each Red Dot is A Coal Plant That Will Be Shut Down By MACT

We have two different candidates who could win the US Presidential Election in six days. One claims that he favors ?All of The Above? as an energy policy, but as you?ll see below, that comes with a caveat. The other candidate favors US Domestic Energy Independence as a method of economic revival. To determine which man is serious, look closely at how they react to the idea of reliance upon coal-fired energy. (more…)