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Global Lukewarming: A Great Intellectual Year in 2011

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source:  Master Resource

?Mounting evidence [of lukewarming] begins to start to make you wonder whether there is some fundamental problem between climate models and reality.?
?To me, the most significant thing that the Climategate emails show is that the deck is stacked against the publication of research results that are critical of the established scientific consensus, and the skids are greased for papers that run in support?. Not a good situation for the advancement of science.?

?Lukewarmers? are those scientists (and others) who believe the balance of evidence is middling between ?climate alarmists? (who tend to think that the global temperature rise will lie in, or even exceed, the upper half the IPCC?s 1.1°C?6.4°C range of projected temperature rise this century) and ultraskeptics, or ?flatliners? (who tend to think that the addition of human-generated carbon dioxide has virtually no impact on global temperatures). (more…)

The Antarctica climate evidence is irrefutable – the southern polar region is cooling, not warming as IPCC predicted

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source: C3Headlines

Antarctica: IPCC Proven Conclusively Wrong By Newest Research – South Pole Cooling

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Antarctica cooling last 30 years chart Antarctica Cooling and CO2 oct2011

Read here. The chart on the left is new empirical evidence released by the German climate research organization, the Alfred Wegener Institute. Their polar weather station temperature records clearly confirm the cooling trend as previously measured by satellite over the last 30 years (chart on the right). (more…)

Disappearing glaciers in the Pacific Northwest: Science run amuck

Saturday, January 21st, 2012


Mt. Hood

CLEVELAND – New research implies that glaciers in the Pacific Northwest have declined by up to half due to man-made global warming. But is it true?

“It’s worse than we thought!”

That’s what you might think by reading a newly-released research study by Portland State University. The report claims 12 glaciers on Mount Adams, near Yakima, Washington, have declined by a whopping 50-percent since 1904. The study also claims the glaciers are receding faster than the ice on nearby Mount Rainier and Mount Hood, which have declined as much as 32-percent over the last century.

The scientists conclude that water content in snow packs throughout the Cascade Mountains could decline by as much as 50-percent by the year 2070. It sounds the alarm for water supplies to near-by communities like Yakima. (more…)

?Suspicious? News From 1940

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source:  Real Science

The Courier-Mail  Monday 6 May 1940

By far the largest number of local glaciers in north-east Greenland had receded very greatly during recent decades, and it would not be exaggerating to say that these glaciers were nearing a catastrophe.

Hansen has recently determined that the temperature measurements from Greenland in 1940 were ?suspiciously? too high, and has whacked a couple of degrees of of them.

Hansen?s magic computer has retroactively un-melted the glaciers. People back then were too dumb to know what melting ice looks like anyway.

The Glacier Climate Scam

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source:  Real Science

One of the more popular climate scams employed by the EPA, Katherine Hayhoe and many others ? is to show photographs of glaciers from the 1940s (or later) next to recent photos.  The implication being that these glaciers started to retreat sometime recently, and that it is due to global warming.

The Glacier Climate Scam

This is blatant fraud. These glaciers have been retreating for hundreds of years, and it has nothing to do with CO2. The glacier in the EPA photograph above retreated eight feet per day between 1794 and 1879. (more…)

Jim Hansen’s hoax crayon

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source:  Tom Nelson

James Hansen

 Email 3593, Dec 2007, Phil Jones on James Hansen’s magic red global warming hoax crayon: “Their extrapolation also makes Antarctica much warmer than it probably was”

Email 3593

Just for background in case of any questions, here’s the GISS press release below. GISS has 2007 higher in rank than we do, just like 2005 – which they have top, instead of 1998. A quick look at their 2007 spatial map indicates why – their extrapolation of the warm Arctic coastal data across the Arctic Ocean. Despite the differences in base periods, the maps (our Fig 3a and their 1b) are quite similar over most of the world. Their extrapolation also makes Antarctica much warmer than it probably was.

Looks like ?global warming? is off the hook for honeybee deaths

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source:  Wattsup

It?s only slightly less ridiculous than the other bee killing theory that year ? cell phones.

I published a story about the loony idea that was proposed by some researcher in Europe about ?cell phone radiation may be killing bees?. I pointed out that it was garbage then, as it is now. I thought it was so ridiculous that I made some spoof artwork on it:

Fast forward to 2012, it looks like the culprit for colony collapse disorder has been found and it has nothing to do with global warming. The best part? Some scientific serendipity. (more…)

Climategate email: Michael “Robust Debate” Mann

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Source:  Tom Nelson

Michael Mann

 Email 2743, Sept 2009, Michael “Robust Debate” Mann: “So far, we’ve simply deleted all of the attempts by McIntyre and his minions to draw attention to this at RealClimate.”

Email 2743

Meanwhile, I suspect you’ve both seen the latest attack against his Yamal work by McIntyre. Gavin and I (having consulted also w/ Malcolm) are wondering what to make of this, and what sort of response—if any—is necessary and appropriate. So far, we’ve simply deleted all of the attempts by McIntyre and his minions to draw attention to this at RealClimate.

Flashback: Michael “robust debate” Mann on the opportunity to robustly debate Steve McIntyre: “Phil, I would immediately delete anything you receive from this fraud…I would NOT RESPOND to this guy. As you know, only bad things can come of that”

[Mann] Good editorial on #CRUHack2 in The Economist: emails actually show science working as it should (robust debate, etc.)

Are the snows of Kilimanjaro returning? Guide says yes

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Source:  World Wires

KILIMANJARO, Tanzania ? One of Mount Kilimanjaro’s most dramatic features is its breathtaking glaciers, which slither across its dormant volcanic plateau and down its crater slope in frigid shades of bluish-green.

And one of the saddest claims of some scientists and environmental activists is that those glaciers are disappearing, perhaps before the end of the decade, another victim of rising global temperatures.

Athumani Juma doesn’t believe it. A guide who’s been hiking the mountain for the past seven years, he laughed when he was asked about the likelihood that Kilimanjaro’s snowcap would disappear soon. The glaciers, he claimed, no longer are shrinking, but growing. (more…)

A Summary of Climate Change over the Past Millennium in China

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Source: CO2 Science

Zhou, XJ. 2011. The characteristics and regularities of the climate change over the past millennium in China. Chinese Science Bulletin 56: 2985.

The author – who is with the State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather of the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences in Beijing – writes in an introductory editorial in a special issue of the Chinese Science Bulletin (October 2011) that “research on global climate change has been at the frontier of the contemporary sciences,” and within this context he further states that “debate has focused on whether the greenhouse effect produced by human activities is a major factor responsible for modern climate warming.”

What was done
Zhou reports that “in 2009, the major project ‘Research on tree-ring and millennium climate change in China’ was implemented under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.” Noting that eight articles published in this special issue of the Bulletin “present partly preliminary results obtained by the project over the past two years,” he then goes on to summarize, in the broadest possible sense, their findings. (more…)

Southern South America MWP

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Source: CO2 Science

Neukom, R., Luterbacher, J., Villalba, R., Kuttel, M., Frank, D., Jones, P.D., Grosjean, M., Wanner, H., Aravena, J.-C., Black, D.E., Christie, D.A., D’Arrigo, R., Lara, A., Morales, M., Soliz-Gamboa, C., Srur, A., Urritia, R. and von Gunten, L. 2011. Multiproxy summer and winter surface air temperature field reconstructions for southern South America covering the past centuries. Climate Dynamics 37: 35-51.

Working with 22 climate proxies, Neukom et al. developed a mean austral summer (December-February) temperature history for the period AD 900-1995 for the terrestrial area of the planet located between 20°S and 55°S and between 30°W and 80°W, a region they refer to as Southern South America (SSA). This record indicates that “a warm period extended in SSA from 900 (or even earlier) to the mid-fourteenth century,” which they describe as being temporally located “towards the end of the Medieval Climate Anomaly as concluded from Northern Hemisphere temperature reconstructions.” And as can be seen from the figure below, the warmest decade of this Medieval Warm Period was calculated by them to be AD 1079-1088, which as best we can determine from their graph is about 0.17°C warmer than the peak warmth of the Current Warm Period. MWP: AD 900-1350.

Things More Worrisome than AGW — EDITORIAL: Islamic flag over the White House

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Source: Wash times

Islam's Goal


Radical Muslims want America ruled by Shariah

Islamists say the Koran is destined to rule America. In fact, the Muslim takeover of the White House is not just an unfolding action plan but a directive from Muhammad himself.

In an interview Sunday on ABC?s ?This Week,? British radical Muslim activist Anjem Choudary made clear what he and his Islamist brothers have planned for the West. ?We do believe, as Muslims, the East and the West will one day be governed by the
,? he said. ?Indeed, we believe that one day, the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.? He then quoted a hadith, or saying of Muhammad, as related by 10th-century Muslim scholar Al-Tabarani, that ?the final hour will not come until Muslims conquer the White House.? Another version of the saying goes, ?A small portion of Muslims will rise and conquer the White House.? (more…)

China gets jump on U.S. for Brazil?s oil

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Source: Wash Times

BUENOS AIRES ? Off the coast of Rio de Janeiro ? below a mile of water and two miles of shifting rock, sand and salt ? is an ultradeep sea of oil that could turn Brazil into the world?s fourth-largest oil producer, behind Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

The country?s state-controlled oil company, Petrobras, expects to pump 4.9 million barrels a day from the country?s oil fields by 2020, with 40 percent of that coming from the seabed. One and a half million barrels will be bound for export markets.

The United States wants it, but China is getting it. (more…)

Things More Worrisome than AGW: Russia says strike on Iran would be ‘catastrophe’

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Source:  Times of India

MOSCOW: Russia on Wednesday warned that a military strike on Iran would be a “catastrophe” with the severest consequences which risked inflaming existing tensions between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

“As for the chances of this catastrophe happening, you would have to ask those constantly mentioning it as an option that remains on the table,” foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said when asked on the chances of military action.

Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak earlier said in Jerusalem on Wednesday that his country was not even close to deciding to attack Iran and believed that a military option remained “very far away”. (more…)

Senator Inhofe Blasts Obama Keystone Decision

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Source:  Sen. Inhofe

Thousands of Oklahoman, American Jobs Rejected by Obama Administration

Washington, D.C. – Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, blasted today’s announcement by the Obama Administration that they will not issue a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. As an Oklahoman editorial noted today, the decision means a loss of thousands of jobs in Oklahoma.  It also harms America’s national security by making us more dependent on oil from the Middle East.

“Today President Obama sided with his radical environmental friends and their job-killing global warming agenda instead of a majority of the American people who would have welcomed the tens of thousands of jobs the Keystone pipeline would have created,” Senator Inhofe said. “President Obama’s decision shows his unwavering commitment to his global warming agenda which seeks to eliminate oil, gas, and coal, and raise energy and gas prices on every American.  If the President wants to ‘figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,’ as his Energy Secretary Steven Chu said, this is one of the best ways to do it. (more…)