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Hurricane Record in Florida Sink Hole

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Source: NIPCC

See also this SPPI Paper

Lane, P., Donnelly, J.P., Woodruff, J.D. and Hawkes, A.D. 2011. A decadally-resolved paleohurricane record archived in the late Holocene sediments of a Florida sinkhole. Marine Geology 287: 14-30.

Noting that “the brief observational record is inadequate for characterizing natural variability in hurricane activity occurring on longer than multi-decadal timescales,” Lane et al. (2011) sought a means of characterizing hurricane activity prior to the period of modern measurement and historical record keeping, due to the fact that “the manner in which tropical cyclone activity and climate interact has critical implications for society and is not well understood.”


[SPPI Note:  see new SPPI paper here: ]

Specifically, Lane et al. developed a 4500-year record of intense hurricane-induced storm surges based on data obtained from “a nearly circular, 200-m-diameter cover-collapse sinkhole (Mullet Pond: 29°55.520’N, 84°20.275’W) that is located on Bald Point near Apalachee Bay, Florida, USA, where (1) “recent deposition of sand layers in the upper sediments of the pond was found to be contemporaneous with significant, historic storm surges at the site modeled using SLOSH and the Best Track, post-1851 AD dataset,” where (2) “paleohurricane deposits were identified by sand content and dated using radiocarbon-based age models,” and where (3) “marine-indicative foraminifera, some originating at least 5 km offshore, were present in several modern and ancient storm deposits.” (more…)

Unscientific hype about the flooding risks from climate change will cost us all dear

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Source:  UK Telegraph

After Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, the price of insurance soared

by Christopher Booker

Original publish date: 26 Feb 2011

The warmists have sound financial grounds for hyping the dangers of flooding posed by climate change.

 As the great global warming scare continues to crumble, attention focuses on all those groups that have a huge interest in keeping it alive. Governments look on it as an excuse to raise billions of pounds in taxes. Wind farm developers make fortunes from the hidden subsidies we pay through our electricity bills. A vast academic industry receives more billions for concocting the bogus science that underpins the scare. Carbon traders hope to make billions from corrupt schemes based on buying and selling the right to emit CO2. But no financial interest stands to make more from exaggerating the risks of climate change than the re-insurance industry, which charges retail insurers for “catastrophe cover”, paid for by all of us through our premiums. (more…)

Things More Worrisome than AGW: Soros Warns of Violent Riots In America, Financial Collapse, Government Clampdown

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Source:  Wealth Wire

Warnings: George Soros said he'd rather survive than stay rich as the world faces an 'evil' period and Europe fights a 'descent into chaos and conflict'


UK Mail Online

‘There will be riots on streets of America': George Soros predicts class war in U.S. as euro triggers collapse of global economy

  • Billionaire New York investor warns of impending economic meltdown
  • Backs euro and buys Italian bonds from Jon Corzine’s failed MF Global
  • Warns it’s ‘difficult to know right decisions to make’ after boom years
  • Supports Occupy Wall Street, Democrats and Obama re-election efforts


From time to time we get a peek inside the mind of a true insider. George Soros knows a thing or two about destabilization and far from equilibrium situations. He’s been on the giving and receiving ends of both. From surviving the Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II, to single handily crashing the currencies of entire nations, the experience he brings to the table should not be ignored.

With his deep connections in economic and political circles, if there’s anyone who knows what’s coming next, it’s Soros.

In his book The Crash of 2008 and What It Means Soros warned that no matter what governments did, there was no way out of the trap in which the world – namely The United States – finds itself:

“So what does the end of an era really mean? I contend that it means the end of a long period of relative stability based on the United States as the dominant power and the dollar as the main international reserve currency. I foresee a period of political and financial instability, hopefully to be followed by the emergence of a new world order.(more…)

Hansen: Skeptics guilty of ‘crimes against humanity and nature’

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Source:  The Guardianof UK

James Hansen

Hansen also says that the climate system is “rapidly deteriorating.”

The Guardian reports,

James Hansen, the director of the Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies who first warned the world about the dangers of climate change in the 1980s, has joined other scientists in submitting statements to be considered by a judge at the Information Rights Tribunal on Friday. They will argue that Lawson’s foundation routinely misrepresents and casts doubt on the work of climate scientists. Their statements will form part of the supporting evidence being presented by an investigative journalist who is appealing against an earlier rejection of his FOI request to the Charity Commission for it to make public a bank statement it holds revealing the name of the educational charity’s seed donor, who gave £50,000 when it launched in 2009…

James Hansen told the Guardian: “Our children and grandchildren will judge those who have misled the public, allowing fossil fuel emissions to continue almost unfettered, as guilty of crimes against humanity and nature. But the eventual conviction of these people in the court of public opinion will do little to ease the burdens that will have been created for today’s young people and future generations.(more…)

Trenberth’s missing heat found – it’s hiding in the “uncertainties”

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Source:  Australian Climate Madness

Phew. The Cause is back on track. A new study has “found” Kevin Trenberth’s missing ocean heat:

“When we looked at the results of previous work suggesting inconsistencies, we found that it hadn’t factored in the considerable uncertainties between systems used to record the measurements.”

Loeb’s team conducted a new analysis of data captured between 2001 and 2010 of global satellite data collected daily by CERES satellite-based instruments, as well as upper ocean temperature measurements taken by expendable bathythermographs and more recently Argo floats.

They found that once these uncertainties had been factored in, along with considerable short-term variations known to result from temperature, cloud cover and humidity changes associated with El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), the measurements were found to be in broad agreement.

What’s the saying, if you torture the data enough it will confess? And ACM old favourite David Karoly is crowing: (more…)

Many to benefit from president’s pipeline ruling, but not us

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Source:  Wash times

Checking his sundial and solar-powered calendar, Barack Obama has decided that he did not have enough time to study the impact of the $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, so he killed it.

Seriously. That was the excuse for halting a project that could have created 20,000 jobs, brought 830,000 barrels of oil a day to Texas refineries and helped free America from unstable dictators’ stranglehold on our energy supply.

This from the man who had to hurry, hurry, hurry and jam the 2,700-page Obamacare bill down America’s throat so, as then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “you can, uh, find out what is in it.” He’s also the same guy who, in March, went to Brazil, cup in hand, asking the Brazilians to hurry up and develop their offshore oil so we could buy some. (more…)

NORTON: Obama chooses American decline

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Source: Wash times

by Gale Norton

Which nation will be the world’s leading superpower a few decades from now? I fervently hope it is the United States, and I have great faith in American ingenuity. But the Obama administration’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline is a reminder of why our No. 1 position is in jeopardy.

The Keystone XL pipeline would bring oil from the Canadian oil sands and North Dakota’s Bakken Formation to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast. The pipeline has been in the regulatory approval process since 2008. Its eight-volume environmental impact statement was produced following myriad studies, hearings, public comments and reviews by multiple agencies and each of the states along the route. (more…)

Keystone Kops halt US-Canada pipeline, and target another

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Source:  SPPI

White House, environmentalists and U.S foundations seek to block all oil sands development

by Duggan Flanakin and Redmond Weissenberger

Oilfield workers in Alberta, refinery workers in Texas and countless factory workers just learned that the White House will not allow construction of an oil pipeline that would bring over half a million barrels of oil a day from Canada’s Alberta Province and North Dakota’s Bakken Field to refineries in Texas and Louisiana. The job-killing decision was a victory for radical environmentalists and well-heeled U.S. foundations that have long battled Canadian oil sands companies and the U.S. oil and gas industry.

President Obama says Congress gave him insufficient time to examine environmental issues. TransCanada Keystone Pipeline LP can reapply, he added, if it reroutes the pipeline around Nebraska’s Oglala Aquifer and Sand Hills area and addresses other concerns. In the meantime, the Administration insists, the project “would not serve the national interest.(more…)

Attack on U.S. Sovereignty – The Law of the Sea Treaty

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Source:  SPPI

by Dennis Ambler, UK

Attack on U.S. Sovereignty – The Law of the Sea Treaty  Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
Canada Free Press:

Adopted in 1982, The Law of the Sea Treaty was initially called the Third United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III) and aimed to implement a set of detailed rules that would control the oceans, replacing the 1958 (UNCLOS I) and 1960 (UNCLOS II) United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea. The European Community and 162 countries have joined the Convention.

“Negotiated in the 1970s, the Law of the Sea treaty was heavily influenced by the New International Economic Order, a set of economic principles first formally advanced at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in the 1970s and 1980s,” calling for redistribution of wealth to the benefit of third world countries.”

I covered this and much more here: 14th April 2011 UN Agenda 21 Will Rule The US Waves


‘Price Gouging’ Law: Why Waste State and Consumer Resources during Emergencies?

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source:  Master Resource

[Ed. note: This post follows yesterday’s post by Donald Hertzmark challenging a call for federal price controls on energy.]

The spectacular problems that beset the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after Hurricane Katrina have led analysts of weather emergencies to look elsewhere for leadership, or even evidence of competence.

Increasingly, that leadership has been found prominently in the private sector: among companies being recognized for their emergency response capabilities are big box retailers like Walmart and Home Depot and the regional restaurant chain Waffle House. (more…)

Call for Energy Price Controls: Has the 1970s Experience Been Forgotten? (hidden perils of a $3.50/gallon federal price cap)

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source:  Master Resource

Ministry of Price Controls

[Editor note: Tomorrow, economist Michael Giberson will critically assess government ‘price gouging’ laws.]

As an economist, whenever I hear the word “shortage” I wait for the other shoe to drop. That other shoe is usually “price control.”

– Thomas Sowell, “Electricity Shocks California,” January 11, 2001.

Like Bill Murray’s weatherman character in the movie Groundhog Day, the American public is obliged to relive certain bad ideas again and again (and again).

Like the movie the idea of price controls for energy keeps coming back, but will we, like Murray’s weatherman, reexamine what leads us to relive such unworkable concepts? The latest contestant in this march of folly was posted recently in the Atlantic Monthly’s business blog. (more…)

Global Lukewarming: A Great Intellectual Year in 2011

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source:  Master Resource

“Mounting evidence [of lukewarming] begins to start to make you wonder whether there is some fundamental problem between climate models and reality.”
“To me, the most significant thing that the Climategate emails show is that the deck is stacked against the publication of research results that are critical of the established scientific consensus, and the skids are greased for papers that run in support…. Not a good situation for the advancement of science.”

“Lukewarmers” are those scientists (and others) who believe the balance of evidence is middling between “climate alarmists” (who tend to think that the global temperature rise will lie in, or even exceed, the upper half the IPCC’s 1.1°C–6.4°C range of projected temperature rise this century) and ultraskeptics, or “flatliners” (who tend to think that the addition of human-generated carbon dioxide has virtually no impact on global temperatures). (more…)

The Antarctica climate evidence is irrefutable – the southern polar region is cooling, not warming as IPCC predicted

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source: C3Headlines

Antarctica: IPCC Proven Conclusively Wrong By Newest Research – South Pole Cooling

(click on images to enlarge)

Antarctica cooling last 30 years chart Antarctica Cooling and CO2 oct2011

Read here. The chart on the left is new empirical evidence released by the German climate research organization, the Alfred Wegener Institute. Their polar weather station temperature records clearly confirm the cooling trend as previously measured by satellite over the last 30 years (chart on the right). (more…)

New GISS Data Set Heating Up The Arctic

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Source: Real science

GISS has invented some new corrections to heat the Arctic. Until a few weeks ago, Reykjavik, Iceland looked like the graph below, with the 1930s and 1940s warmer than the present :

New GISS Data Set Heating Up The Arctic

Now it looks like this, with the 1930s and 1940s much cooler than the present.

New GISS Data Set Heating Up The Arctic

The new technique is called “removing suspicious records” – i.e any record which doesn’t support his theory. (more…)

Disappearing glaciers in the Pacific Northwest: Science run amuck

Saturday, January 21st, 2012


Mt. Hood

CLEVELAND – New research implies that glaciers in the Pacific Northwest have declined by up to half due to man-made global warming. But is it true?

“It’s worse than we thought!”

That’s what you might think by reading a newly-released research study by Portland State University. The report claims 12 glaciers on Mount Adams, near Yakima, Washington, have declined by a whopping 50-percent since 1904. The study also claims the glaciers are receding faster than the ice on nearby Mount Rainier and Mount Hood, which have declined as much as 32-percent over the last century.

The scientists conclude that water content in snow packs throughout the Cascade Mountains could decline by as much as 50-percent by the year 2070. It sounds the alarm for water supplies to near-by communities like Yakima. (more…)