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Climategate 2.0

Monday, November 28th, 2011

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A new batch of leaked emails again shows some leading scientists trying to smear opponents.

Last week, 5,000 files of private email correspondence among several of the world’s top climate scientists were anonymously leaked onto the Internet. Like the first “climategate” leak of 2009, the latest release shows top scientists in the field fudging data, conspiring to bully and silence opponents, and displaying far less certainty about the reliability of anthropogenic global warming theory in private than they ever admit in public.

The scientists include men like Michael Mann of Penn State University and Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia, both of whose reports inform what President Obama has called “the gold standard” of international climate science, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). (more…)

EDITORIAL: Time to stock up on light bulbs

Monday, November 28th, 2011

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Government ban on mercury-free fixtures takes effect Jan. 1

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Within four weeks, it will be a crime to manufacture a 100-watt version of Thomas A.

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Edison’s brilliant invention. Thanks to a Democratic Congress and the signature of President George W. Bush in 2007, anti-industrial zealots at the Energy Department received authority to blot out one of the greatest achievements of the industrial age. They’re coming for our light bulbs (more…)

Climategate 2.0: Mann suggests Harvard take action against Soon, Baliunas

Monday, November 28th, 2011

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Mann -- Alinsky tactics?

… simply for publishing a paper with a different view than his. Mann also fantasizes about action by the National Academy of Sciences!

From the Climategate 2.0 collection, Penn State hokey stick tyrant Michael Mann e-mails Tom Wigley complaining about two Soon-Balunias studies — and their association with Harvard:
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… But the [Soon-Balunias] papers certainly got a lot more mileage than they should have. The fact that the forces of disinformation were able to get that much mileage out of these two awful papers written by those clowns should remain a real cause for concern. Their ability to repeatedly co-opt the Harvard news office remains a real problem. Nobody I’ve talked to at Harvard is happy about this, and there’s been talk of action on the part of various of the faculty, but nobody seems willing or able to mount enough of an effort to get anything done about this. Apparently there was a threat of a lawsuit against Harvard last time folks there tried to do something about Baliunas, and so they may have lost their nerve. But I know our Harvard colleagues are not happy about continually having their institutional name dragged through the mud. If someone has close ties w/any individuals there who might be in a position to actually get some action taken on this, I’d highly encourage pursuing this. Re, an NAS committee–this is an interesting idea. But I wonder if a committee on [Soon-Baliunas] would be overkill, perhaps giving these fools just the stage that they’re looking for. [Emphasis added]

The e-mail exchange is below. (more…)

EDITORIAL: Chu’d out

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

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If only the administration’s Solyndra scandal were a garden-variety case of crony-capitalist payback to political supporters. It’s much worse, as President Obama’s energy policy is fixated on solving the supposed global-warming crisis, regardless of the economic cost.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu amoxil no prescription purchase amoxil amoxil online traveled to Capitol Hill on Nov. 17 to defend his decision to pour $535 million into the ill-fated Solyndra, which filed for bankruptcy in August. He denied that his order was “based on political considerations” and told lawmakers the United States must compete for business in an $80 billion clean-energy market that is expected to grow by hundreds of billions in coming decades. “We are in a fierce global race to capture this market,” he argued. (more…)

Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society: Climate Occupiers

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Source: John D. Trudel

Dear Friends,

Some highly credentialed scientist friends of mine were just strong armed by OMSI, when their scheduled presentation at OMSI was canceled at the last minute due to pressure from the professional Global Warming Alarmists who feed at the “climate money” trough. Astronomical amounts of the taxpayers’ money ($79 Billion through July 2009) have been wasted on this science fraud, plus Billions more on mythical Green Jobs, e.g. Solyndra, and Billions more funneled through the State Department to the 3rdworld to mitigate (nonexistent) global warming.

This breaking news needs to get to the media and the elected officials who help fund Oregon Colleges. At present there are attempts to reschedule the event in January.


John D. Trudel


On Nov 26, Gordon Fulks wrote:

Hello Everyone, 

propecia generic costco buy propecia online The Oregon American Meteorological Society’s event featuring Meteorologist Chuck Wiese, Climatologist George Taylor, and me on November 29 at OMSI was canceled at the last minute today due to pressure from local universities and others who were apparently upset that our skeptical perspective on Global Warming would interfere with their climate agendas and Federal funding.  Details will surely leak out as will whatever reasons they will cite as a cover story. (more…)

Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Source:  Wattsup

Posted on November 22, 2011 by

UPDATE: 8:20 AM PST These emails have not been verified yet, and this story was posted by one of my moderating staff while I was asleep. Until such time they are verified, tread lightly because without knowing what is behind the rest of the zip file, for all we know it’s a bunch of recipes and collection of ipsem lorem text files. I’m working to authenticate these now and will report when I know more – Anthony Watts

UPDATE2: 8:45AM PST The Guardian has a story up be Leo Hickman, and this excerpt suggests they may be the real deal:

Norfolk police have said the new set of emails is “of interest” to their investigation to find the perpetrator of the initial email release who has not yet been identified.

The emails appear to be genuine, but this has yet to be confirmed by the University of East Anglia. One of the emailers, the climate scientist Prof Michael Mann, has confirmed that he believes they are his messages.

cipro cost order cipro UPDATE3: 9:25 AM PST – Having read a number of emails, and seeing this quote from Mike Mann in the Guardian:

When asked if they were genuine, he said: “Well, they look like mine but I hardly see anything that appears damning at all, despite them having been taken out of context. I guess they had very little left to work with, having culled in the first round the emails that could most easily be taken out of context to try to make me look bad.” (more…)

Climategate 2.0?

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

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Posted by Jeff Id on November 22, 2011

It happened again.  I woke up to find a link from on a thread.   Thousands of emails unlocked with 220,000 more hidden behind a password.  Despite the smaller size of the Air Vent due to my lack of time, there were twenty five downloads before I saw it once.  As before, there are some  very nice quotes and clarifications from the consensus.  Below is a guest post in the form of a readme file from the group. – Jeff

/// FOIA 2011 — Background and Context ///

“Over 2.5 billion people live on less than $2 a day.”

“Every day nearly 16.000 children die from hunger and related causes.”

“One dollar can save a life” — the opposite must also be true.

“Poverty is a death sentence.”

“Nations must invest $37 trillion in energy technologies by 2030 to stabilize
greenhouse gas emissions at sustainable levels.”

Today’s decisions should be based on all the information we can get, not on
hiding the decline.

This archive contains some 5.000 emails picked from keyword searches.  A few
remarks and redactions are marked with triple brackets.

The rest, some 220.000, are encrypted for various reasons.  We are not planning
to publicly release the passphrase.

We could not read every one, but tried to cover the most relevant topics such
as… (more…)

Leading Expert Lacks A Basic Understanding Of His Profession

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Source:  Real Science buy zyban cheap order bupropion

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Arctic sea ice is disappearing in summer much faster than scientists expected. That’s not just evidence of climate change; the ice itself is changing the climate, and it may be affecting weather as far away as Utah.

Scientists predicted summer sea ice would shrink, but they underestimated the trend. Now in late summer, much of the Arctic Ocean is open water; summer ice covers about half what it did 30 years ago.

On a recent visit to Utah, Professor Hajo Eicken, one of the leading experts in the study of Arctic ice mel order online at usa pharmacy! order prednisone online . online drugstore, prednisone ordering online. t, explained some of the findings of his research. (more…)

Things More Worrisome than AGW: Canadian PM eyes China after US pipeline delay

Monday, November 14th, 2011
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President Barack Obama’s administration last week put off a decision on Keystone XL project after a major protest campaign by environmentalists, who say the pipeline would be prone to accidents and worsen climate change.

The conservative Canadian leader, taking part in a summit in Hawaii hosted by Obama said the pipeline decision had produced “extremely negative reactions” and that he discussed oil exports with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

“This does underscore the necessity of Canada making sure that we are able to access Asian markets for our energy products,” Harper told reporters. “I indicated that yesterday (Saturday) to President Hu of China.” (more…)

Obama: “Reward our friends, punish our enemies.”

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

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by Peter Schweizer

When President-elect Obama came to Washington in late 2008, he was outspoken about the need for an economic stimulus to revive a struggling economy. He wanted billions of dollars spent on “shovel-ready projects” to build roads; billions more for developing alternative-energy projects; and additional billions for expanding broadband Internet access and creating a “smart grid” for energy consumption. After he was sworn in as president, he proclaimed that taxpayer money would assuredly not be doled out to political friends. “Decisions about how Recovery Act dollars are spent will be based on the merits,” he said, referring to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. “Let me repeat that: decisions about how recovery money will be spent will be based on the merits. They will not be made as a way of doing favors for lobbyists.”

Really? (more…)

Mann’s Non-reproducible Statistics

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Source: Marc Morano

I just discovered a very interesting statistics that you might highlight on your web site. I downloaded all the publications from Mann from his own website, and although all his papers are based on statistics, that nobody can reproduce, he published only a SINGLE paper in journals dedicated to statistics. And that paper was criticism of people showing that his statistics is wrong. So makes you wonder, why is he so shy of publishing statistic based papers in journals that are  peer reviewed by other statisticians. You and I know why, but it might be interesting to highlight that to the world community via your blog site.

With kind regards,

Darko Butina

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Things More Worrisome than AGW: OWS Incidents Growing

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Source:  Big Government

***Updated  11/9/2011– Today we hit incident 189

One of the secret weapons the corrupt mainstream media uses in their never-ending quest to Palace Guard for the left is context. For example, when it came to the Tea Party, the MSM was notorious for amplifying  a single incident (that was usually a lie) and using it to attempt to smear and define an entire movement. This is what you do when you want to quickly take out a political enemy. (more…)

China: Climate issues NOT settled

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Source:  CO2 Science


Global Warming: The View from China

“Global climate change,” in the words of Fang et al. (2011), “is one of the biggest challenges to human society in the 21st century.” And noting that “carbon emissions from fossil fuel combustion and land use change are considered the main factors causing global warming,” plus the fact that “carbon emissions affect social and economic development,” they correctly state that “climate change has been shifted from an academic topic to an international political, economic, and diplomatic issue.” (more…)

Welcome to the Land of Stupid

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Source:  Joanne Nova

And so it came to pass that a small band of the selfish or deluded came to steal the blood, sweat and toil of the many.

They lied, broke solemn promises, failed to provide evidence, and displayed a singular lack of good-manners. They viciously insulted anyone who disagreed, they hid the models the public were forced to pay for, they gave patrons highly paid jobs to advertize their scheme. They spoke arrant nonsense as if it were the bleeding obvious: telling us that we will grow rich if we use energy that costs more; that coal miners are to blame for heavy rain 2 days ago – accept responsibility for drug administration, and anti-parasitic intravenous drug administration is buy estrace online canada no prescription . ; that more taxes will bring investors; that we’ll lose jobs if we don’t pay more than we need to for energy; or that 6.98 billion people will follow the 0.02 billion who lead us on the path to the Land of Stupid. They made prophesies that failed time after time, yet speak on, as if  only they have the vision to guide us. (more…)

A Dark Day in Australia

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Source:  No Frakking Consensus

November 8, 2011

In my corner of the world it’s the 8th of November, 2011. On this date across the ocean in Australia something terrible happened (it’s already November 9th there now).

A minority government led by Julia Gillard passed 18 pieces of legislation that, collectively, ushered in a brand new, nationwide carbon tax. This is the same Gillard who, on the eve of a national election in 2010 made a clear, unequivocal statement:

I rule out a carbon tax. [backup link here] (more…)