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Things More Worrisome than AGW: Al Qaeda and Gun Control

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Source: The Blaze

National Gun Control Group Uses Al Qaeda Threat to Push For Stricter Firearm Regulation

Earlier this month, The Blaze showed you chilling video featuring U.S. born Al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn. In the clip, the terror official called on American Muslims to exploit loopholes by purchasing weapons from gun shows. Then, he encouraged adherents to carry out random domestic attacks. Now, The Coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns is seizing upon Gadahn?s words to push for stricter U.S. gun control measures.

Earlier today, the group unleashed an ad campaign that features the terror ?executive?s? horrifying proclamations. The commercial, set to run on cable networks including CNN, FOX News and MSNBC, is likely geared toward lawmakers who have yet to reform gun laws to a level the coalition deems palatable. The Huffington Post has more: (more…)

The Log in the Eye of Greenpeace

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Source: SPPI

by Dennis Ambler

Matthew 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother?s eye.

As Greenpeace publishes yet another attack on a reputable scientist, (Dr Willie Soon), who happens to disagree with the IPCC, they again ignore the massive funding going into the “green” movement, from corporations including “big oil”, foundations and governments.

Their constant attacks on the integrity of  genuine scientists are classic diversionary tactics to avoid close examination of the millions of dollars going into the Global Warming project. A commentary by David and Amy Ridenour in the Washington Times of June 14th last year, showed the major extent of funding to environmental groups by BP, who were being attacked by those same groups over the oil spill in the Gulf.

BP was also a founding member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, (not the same as the Climate Action Network) contributing substantial funding to the climate-change-related lobbying efforts of the environmental groups within it, which include the Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, the Nature Conservancy and the World Resources Institute. (more…)

Silence of the Lambs

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Source:  Slate

For do-gooder NGOs in Cambodia, accommodation with the regime is very profitable.

By Ken Silverstein

On a typically warm, muggy evening in Phnom Penh earlier this year, I asked a twentysomething British woman for directions to Titanic, a restaurant overlooking the Tonle Sap River.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I heard the food was good,” I said, somewhat confused.

“Oh, because there’s a massive party there tonight for the Westerners!” she breathlessly replied.

Yes, it’s always a fine time to be an expatriate aid worker in Cambodia, where several thousand NGOs and aid organizations operate. By day, swarms of foreign do-gooders clog the streets of Phnom Penh in their company-provided SUVs, and by night they fill bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Collectively, NGO workers represent a privileged caste, isolated and detached from the people who serve as the objects of their benevolence. It’s all reminiscent of those clueless young GOP zealots sent to staff the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, except the NGO workers in Cambodia aren’t peddling Republican philosophy and the American way, but rather the ideology of altruism. (more…)

The carbon footprint of Ted Turner´s latest climate change pilgrimage

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011


“We’ll be eight degrees hotter in ten, not ten but 30 or 40 years and basically none of the crops will grow. Most of the people will have died and the rest of us will be cannibals. Civilization will have broken down. The few people left will be living in a failed state ? like Somalia or Sudan ? and living conditions will be intolerable.”
Ted Turner

Ted Turner and his fellow UN Foundation warmists have made a pilgrimage to one of the holiest places for believers in the religion of climate change:

After their annual Board of Directors meeting in Oslo, several directors traveled to Svalbard, the world’s northernmost community. They journeyed up a fjord to the foot of a receding glacier with scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Turner told reporters on a teleconference today, “They pointed out to us while looking at the glacier that it is receding every year due to global climate change.” (more…)

Michael Mann: Shameless Cargo Cultor

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Source:  American Thinker

by Timothy Birdnow

Michael Mann, Pennsylvania State University climate Svengali, a member of the CRU (he figured prominently in the e-mail scandals at East Anglia), and great Pittsburgh Penguins fan (he created the famed “hockey stick graph” that was so influential on the 2007 IPCC Climate Change report) has stepped in it again, this time co-authoring a new study (Kemp et. al) that claims to show a massive acceleration in sea level rise in North Carolina that coincides with the industrial era.

This study claims to reconstruct 2,000 years of sea levels.  (It actually extrapolates from a study of shallow salt marshes with an historical reconstruction going back 300 years and based on the prevalence of foraminifera fossils to reconstruct the past sea levels.  These reside in the very shallow, sandy pools and die in deeper waters, so theoretically we can see where sea levels were in the past.)  They used tide gauge data to calibrate.  By observing agreement between direct observations and this proxy reconstruction they can estimate the rate of rise and extrapolate into the past.  Or so they claim. (more…)

Michael Mann And The ClimateGate Whitewash: Part One

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Source:  Forbes

by Larry Bell

This two-part series addresses the conduct, conclusions and criticisms of four investigations into possible irregularities and misdeeds revealed in publicly exposed communications among prominent climate scientists. Part two, which will follow next week, discusses three of these investigations that took place in the United Kingdom.

Two universities that have employed Dr. Michael Mann, a prominent climate scientist, have been called to task for insulating him from accusations of wrongdoing in the wake of scandalous ClimateGate email revelations. His current employer, Penn State, is being accused of botching an internal inquiry, and a recent judicial ruling is ordering the University of Virginia, his employer during the period in question, to release requested documents in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). (more…)

Things More Worrisome than AGW — Communitarianism

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Source:  SPPI

Commentary on UK Spectator: Communitarianism is a freedom-hating totalitarian philosophy like any other

by Dennis Ambler

I saw it [the Spectator essay] yesterday, he is absolutely right of course.

I think it’s a cross between Liberal/Social Democracy and Socialism/Communism, probably the still evolving Fabianism which drives much of what we see in the west. It seems to mean different things to different people but the main essence seems to be that the individual is subsumed by the needs of the “community” however that may be defined.

To say that individuals don’t help each other or look out for their local environment, or seek to help people in genuine need, without being organised by “environmentalists” or “focus groups” or community organisers, shows a poor regard for the nature of human beings. (more…)

Things more worrisome than AGW: Iran’s Missile program

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Source:  Haaretz

On second day of war games, the Islamic Republic fired 14 missiles in an exercise intended to ‘show preparedness’ for Israeli or American attack.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards tested 14 missiles on Tuesday, the second day of war games intended a show of strength to the Islamic Republic’s enemies in Israel and Washington.

The Iranian-made surface-to-surface missiles, with a maximum range of 2,000 km (1,250 miles), were fired simultaneously at a single target, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The head of the Revolutionary Guards’ aerospace division emphasized Iran’s preparedness to strike Israel and U.S. interests in the event of any attack on Iran.

“The range of our missiles has been designed based on American bases in the region as well as the Zionist regime,” Commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh told the semi-official Fars news agency. (more…)

Things More Worrisome than AGW — Opinion: Our Macro World

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011



The Wall Street Journal is doing its part to put on a happy face?

This morning, one headline on the Journal‘s website said, “Stocks Rise on Hopes for Greece.”

Another said, “Home Prices Notch Spring Bounce.”

The reality seems so different?

They’re protesting in the main square in Athens.

The Greek parliament is voting on $40 billion in spending cuts and tax increases tomorrow. But Greece’s two major labor unions don’t want to earn less money and pay more taxes. So they’ve called the second general strike this month and the fourth this year.

One report says protesters overturned café umbrellas and set them on fire. Another report said they “attacked” the front window of a McDonald’s. I guess they couldn’t actually break it. (more…)


Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Source:  Weatherbell Analytics

by Alan Lammey

There are lots of cliché-ish sayings in the energy futures industry, but two of my favorites are, ?Prices
don?t go up forever, but they also don?t go down forever, either.? Followed by, ?Traders are in the ?moving
business?, not the ?storage business?.? Both are fairly accurate statements ? but in this case, I believe
they?ll contribute to another move to the upside in August natural gas futures over the next 2-3 weeks,
potentially retesting the $4.80 to $5 per MMBtu area. (more…)

An inconvenient fallacy

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Source: The

by Dr. Bob Carter

Well, you have to admit that they’ve tried hard. Labor, that is. In April 2007 Kevin Rudd, before his election as prime minister, appointed distinguished social scientist Ross Garnaut to advise the party on global warming. A strange decision, that: ”Here’s a scientific problem so let’s appoint an economist to give us policy advice.” (more…)

Carbon offset scam

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Source:  SPPI Blog

by Dennis Ambler

Carbon Offset Schemes: How it Works

“By purchasing a £2 Carbon Lottery ticket you become part of a carbon offset scheme, where you’ll offset 100 kilograms of your carbon footprint, reduce global emissions and stand a chance to win millions of Euros in mega jackpot prizes!

Every time you buy a Carbon Lottery ticket, an offset has been purchased to cover the portion of a tonne of Carbon Dioxide Reduction that the ticket represents.  In this way every ticket you purchase helps to reduce global warming. (more…)

Nothing Evinces Hypocrisy More than Obama?s Oil Policy

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Source: Red State

The oil price ticker should be replaced with a chart of Obama’s approval ratings

Posted by Daniel Horowitz (Profile)

President Obama has asserted ad nauseam that expanding oil drilling would not affect the price of oil and generate price relief at the gas pump.  He has scoffed at the ?drill, baby, drill? plan, denouncing it as insufficient in dealing with our ?long-term? energy needs.  Now that his reelection prospects are beginning to wither, Obama is undergoing a foxhole conversion and easing his aversion to that ?addictive? black substance.  Or, so it seems.

Last Thursday, after several weeks of steady decline in the price of oil, and following secret meetings with the Saudis, Obama had an epiphany.  Did he suddenly accede to calls for expediting drilling in the Gulf and in Alaska?  Did he agree to lift the permitorium on drilling in 97% of the Outer Continental Shelf?  Not a chance.  Instead, his Energy Secretary announced the release of 30 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR), in conjunction with a 30-million-barrel release from other countries within the International Energy Agency (IEA).  The total release will be 60 million barrels, proceeding at a rate of 2 million barrels per day (bpd) for a month. (more…)

What price the Parthenon?

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Source: SPPI Blog

by Dennis Ambler

The Euro, the creation of a European monetary union, was always to be a tool for moving the countries of the EU towards a closer political union, and ultimately an EU state, to take its place in the UN system, as a regional member of a global government. The EU unelected Socialist Commissars were so desperate for this to happen, that the stringent rules they imposed in terms of national deficit at the time of joining, were paid scant regard and national accounts were fudged to enable countries to join. This was only storing up trouble and now the reckoning has arrived. The French are proposing a 30 year roll over of the Greek debts, so the interest payments would still be made, but the Greek people and their descendants will be working to pay the bankers for their destruction.

I wonder what assets the Greeks will be forced to sell?

What price the Parthenon? (more…)

Things More Worrisome than AGW: Soros Stacking the Court?

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Source:  FOX News

Billionaire George Soros spends tens of millions each year supporting a range of liberal social and political causes, from drug legalization to immigration reform to gay marriage to abolishing the death penalty.

But a less well-known Soros priority — replacing elections for judges with selection-by-committee — now has critics accusing him of trying to stack the courts.

Most non-federal judges around the country are selected by voters in elections. But some states use a process called ?merit selection? in which a committee ? often made up of lawyers ? appoints judges to the bench instead.

Soros has spent several million dollars in the past decade in an attempt to get more states to scrap elections and adopt the merit method. Supporters say it would allow judges to focus on interpreting the law rather than on raising campaign funds and winning elections. (more…)